Monday 24 April 2017

11 of the cutest spring baby animals to 'aww' at in Gloucestershire

Downy ducklings, little lambs, mini meerkats and more new arrivals are being born every day as the weather warms up, and SoGlos has found 11 of the best places to see spring babies in Gloucestershire. Aww!

While spring means an extra hour of daylight, warmer weather and the chance to update your winter wardrobe, as the new season unfolds, nature welcomes billions of tiny babies that animal lovers just can’t help but coo over.

Gloucestershire is home to an array of wildlife centres, gardens and farms where little and big kids alike can meet a flurry of spring babies, from fluffy chicks to tiny alpacas, and even King Penguins, with 11 of the best featuring in SoGlos’s hot list.

1. Slimbridge Wetland Centre

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust HQ has a host of cute animals for guests to fawn over, and from Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June 2017, visitors also have the opportunity to coo over a newly-hatched batch of ducklings in the Duckery Creche during the Spring to Life events. Other highlights include VIP Duckery Tours and specialist animal exhibits.

2. Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

It’s been an exciting time at the Cotswold Wildlife Park this spring, with a dozen new additions of miniscule baby Naked Mole Rats. Meanwhile a real highlight for visitors, the Madagascan Walkthrough promises the chance to see small mammal species such as the tiny Grey mouse lemurs.

3. Cotswold Farm Park

Adam Henson’s famous farm park in Guiting Power is the place to go to see hundreds of bleating baby lambs, not to mention fluffy ducklings, hatching chicks, and ridiculously cute Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets playing around outside. This spring, meet the adorable additions to the herd of Greyface Dartmoor lambs too.

4. Birdland Park and Gardens

Birdland Park and Gardens

This Bourton-on-the-Water attraction is not only home to the country’s only group of King Penguins, but also some rare Humboldts. Other endearing babies include a selection of newborn chicks at the hatchery, and the park’s emu eggs, which are currently being looked after by the male emus.

5. Cattle Country Adventure Park

Among the host of animal encounters available at Berkeley-based Cattle Country, there’s the chance to bottle feed its baby lambs and fawn over fluffy chicks. What's more, visitors can enjoy a fun-filled cattle trail around the Adventure Park and meet the beautiful new addition to the herd of Belgium Blue Calfs.

7. The International Centre for Birds of Prey

As the oldest centre in the world dedicated to birds of prey, The International Centre of Birds of Prey is a great place to spot impressive falcons, majestic owls and cute chicks. This spring is full of exciting fluffy additions with the baby grey buzzard eagle being the first to hatch.

8. Dick Whittington Farm Park

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Forest of Dean family attraction, Dick Whittington Farm Park not only offers children a play barn to explore and a karting course to test their racing skills, but also the chance to fuss over a host of baby farm animals, including lambs, giddy goats, ducklings and chicks.

9. Cotswold Alpacas

If baby farm animals aren’t exciting enough for you, then head to Cotswold Alpacas, where you can meet the new alpacas on the block. With the herd set to grow this year, it’s the perfect time to visit the attraction that’s situated on 12 acres of greenery near Cheltenham.

10. St Augustines Farm

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St Augustines organic working farm in Arlingham near Gloucester draws in families from far and wide with its baby chicks, lambs and fluffy bunnies, which guests can meet, greet, and get friendly with when they open up again, welcoming visitors from April this year.

11. Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park

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Venture beyond the border to Bristol to visit Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, a haven for the younger generation to fawn over cute and loveable animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, and more; and just in time for spring, there have been new arrivals to the park which guests can meet and play with.

11. Longleat Safari Park

Enjoy a day trip to Wiltshire’s Longleat Safari Park, home to a brilliant array of animals, including the exciting recent addition of Evan, the baby giraffe who will soon be venturing out into the African Reserve. Meanwhile, its adorable and playful cheetah cubs can be found racing around cheetah kingdom.

Which baby animals would you like to see this spring? Would you love to cuddle a fluffy duckling or bottle feed a lamb? Have your say by leaving a comment.

By Kathryn Godfrey

© SoGlos
Tuesday 28 March 2017

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