Saturday 25 November 2017

FearFest-Evil review

Promising to have even the most valiant of visitors running in terror, SoGlos headed into the dark depths of FearFest-Evil in Chepstow to see if it really was as scary as was promised.

In a nutshell

Haunting audiences with a crude yet captivating freak show, a truly terrifying Trilogy of Horrors and nightmares set to last a lifetime; FearFest-Evil is not for the faint-hearted and certainly not for the precious or prudish.

The review


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Taking our seats in the deceivingly cheerful-looking big top tent, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect knowing little more than I was about to witness a live freak show. What we watched was a lot more than I bargained for, with talented yet terrifying fire dancing, acrobatics, illusions and alarming acts.

Out in the woods, Tales of the Dark is precisely planned trickery for the senses

Eerily spooky music echoed around the tent before the show began with a zombie contortionist crawling across the stage. With teeth clenched, we watched as she twisted into nail-biting positions, balancing her entire body on her chin and distorting her spine so much that had us on the edge of our seats.

Peppered with adult-humour, innuendos and shocking surprises that aren’t for the prudish, a sword-swallowing act was next up and with stomachs turning, I couldn’t help but watch through my hands and he swallowed two-foot long swords. He was followed by an act who had a habit of swallowing unusual objects and then pulling them from the depths of his stomach. You have to see it to believe it!

The House of Horrors

Heading into the dark depths of the woodland setting, The House of Horrors promises nothing less than utter terror and ghosts of guests that never made it home.

Tentatively tip-toeing through the creaky doorways, The House of Horrors certainly lives up to its name, with the claustrophobic crannies, gory remains and confusing alleyways sending panic through our senses, causing us to run every direction desperately trying to escape.

Thinking we were through the worst of it, we opened another door to eerie silence only to find a ghostly man begging for us to free him from his zombie state. Scurrying away from him as fast as we could, our only way out was through a tiny tunnel but to our horror, every step we made, he was right behind us, gaining on our heels.

Tales of the Dark

Not entirely sure I could take many more jumps and scares, we reluctantly headed up the path beside the vast quarry which was lined with glowing fairy lights. What lay at the end however, was not so warm and welcoming.

An old shipping container stood in the distance, a creepy clown beckoning you to enter its dark doorway. Plunging into darkness, inside we pushed through trying to make our way out, with the sound of clowns bashing their axes against the walls hurrying us along.

Out into the woods, Tales of the Dark is precisely planned trickery for the senses. With lights laced through the woods and lullabies playing softly in the background, I soon found myself running through the trees to avoid the ghosts, haunting creatures and a bride who didn’t have her happily ever after.

SoGlos loves

With physic mediums, freaky-themed cocktails and deadly dining options, there’s plenty of room for daredevils to explore all that FearFest-Evil has to offer.

Top tip

Thrill seekers can upgrade their FearFest-Evil experience by opting for the premium package which includes the Death Slide zip wire or Hangman’s Swing.

What next?

For more information see FearFest-Evil in Chepstow, call (01291) 630046 or visit directly to book tickets.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlos
Friday 13 October 2017

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