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The Severn Bore

Friday 2 March to Wednesday 10 October 2018

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Find out where and when to see The Severn Bore in 2018, and don’t miss out on the natural wonder and sporting spectacular which draws thousands of visitors to Gloucestershire every year.

If you’ve ever passed by the River Severn in Gloucestershire and wondered why crowds of people were gathered along its banks, or perhaps more to the point why dozens of daredevils were bobbing about in the cold water clinging to surfboards or canoes, it’s more than likely that the world-famous Severn Bore was in town.

What is The Severn Bore?

Taking place on numerous occasions every year, The Severn Bore is an impressive tidal wave of water which works its way up the Severn Estuary over a distance of around 25 miles between Awre and Gloucester – attracting hosts of spectators, and scores of extreme sports enthusiasts, along the way.

The Severn Bore is caused by the tide from the Atlantic Ocean entering the Bristol Channel and forcing its way into the Severn Estuary, filtering into a narrow channel and causing the water to rise by anything up to 15 metres. The water reaches speeds of up to 20kmph as it nears Minsterworth and, as the width of the River Severn narrows, becomes held up causing the natural bore phenomenon.

The Severn Bore in particular is revered because the River Severn has the second largest tidal range – the vertical distance between the high and low tides – in the world, making for a bore which can be anything up to two metres in height, and is one of only three surfable tidal waves in the world. Subsequently the powerful bores often see surfers take to the water in a brave feat, hoping to catch the wave at the right time and smash the surfing record which began in 1955.

When will The Severn Bore take place in 2018?

Large bores with a tidal range of 4.9 to 5 metres are denoted by three stars; very large bores with a tidal range of 5.1 to 5.3 metres are denoted by four stars; while the rarest five-star bores have a tidal range above 5.4 metres.

SoGlos only lists Severn Bores rated three stars and above, drawing upon’s predictions for when The Severn Bore will take place in 2018. Please note, times are approximate and can vary by as much as 30 minutes either way, and wearing waterproofs is also highly recommended.

Wednesday 3 January 2018
Minsterworth Church 8.35am, Stonebench 8.50am & Over Bridge 9.10am***

Thursday 4 January 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.21am, Stonebench 9.36am & Over Bridge 9.56am***

Thursday 1 February 2018
Minsterworth Church 8.23am, Stonebench 8.38am & Over Bridge 8.58am***
Minsterworth Church 8.51pm, Stonebench 9.06pm & Over Bridge 9.26pm***

Friday 2 February 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.08am, Stonebench 9.23am & Over Bridge 9.43am****
Minsterworth Church 9.35pm, Stonebench 9.50pm & Over Bridge 10.10pm***

Saturday 3 February 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.52am, Stonebench 10.07am & Over Bridge 10.27am***

Friday 2 March 2018
Minsterworth Church 8.10am, Stonebench 8.25am & Over Bridge 8.45am***
Minsterworth Church 8.36pm, Stonebench 8.51pm & Over Bridge 9.11pm***

Saturday 3 March 2018
Minsterworth Church 8.53am, Stoneench 9.08am & Over Bridge 9.28am****
Minsterworth Church 9.17pm, Stonebench 9.32pm & Over Bridge 9.52pm***

Sunday 4 March 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.33am, Stonebench 9.48am & Over Bridge 10.08am****

Sunday 1 April 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.32am, Stonebench 9.47am & Over Bridge 10.07am***

Sunday 12 August 2018*
Minsterworth 9.47pm, Stonebench 10.02pm & Over Bridge 10.22pm***

Monday 13 August 2018
Minsterworth 10.14am, Stonebench 10.29am & Over Bridge 10.49am***
Minsterworth 10.31pm, Stonebench 10.46pm & Over Bridge 11.06pm****

Tuesday 14 August 2018
Minsterworth 11.14pm, Stonebench 11.29pm & Over Bridge 11.49pm***

Monday 10 September 2018
Minsterworth 9.31pm, Stonebench 9.46pm & Over Bridge 10.06pm****

Tuesday 11 September 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.56am, Stonebench 10.11am & Over Bridge 10.31am***
Minsterworth 10.12pm, Stonebench 10.27pm & Over Bridge 10.47pm****

Wednesday 12 September 2018
Minsterworth Church 10.36am, Stonebench 10.51am & Over Bridge 11.11am***
Minsterworth Church 10.52pm, Stonebench 11.07pm & Over Bridge 11.27pm***

Tuesday 9 October 2018
Minsterworth Church 8.53am, Stonebench 9.08am & Over Bridge 9.28am***
Minsterworth Church 9.10pm, Stonebench 9.25pm & Over Bridge 9.45pm****

Wednesday 10 October 2018
Minsterworth Church 9.33am, Stonebench 9.48am & Over Bridge 10.08am***
Minsterworth Church 9.50pm, Stonebench 10.05pm & Over Bridge 10.25pm****

Where can I see The Severn Bore in Gloucestershire?

You can catch a glimpse of The Severn Bore at numerous locations along the River Severn, but the best vantage points are located at Minsterworth, Stonebench and Over Bridge.

While large bores of four and five stars attract huge crowds, and nabbing a good spot from which to watch the action can be tricky, the predictions for 2018 suggests we’ll be in for a number of medium-sized bores too this year – when the river banks shouldn’t be too crowded.

If you’re feeling brave and fancy joining the daredevils and trying to ride The Severn Bore for yourself, just remember that the water is extremely cold and moves very quickly – so having a 25-metre school swimming badge sewn onto your trunks isn’t going to prepare you.

Severn Bore video

The Severn Bore 2018
Minsterworth, Stonebench and Over Bridge, Gloucester
Wednesday 3 January 2018; Thursday 4 January 2018; Thursday 1 February 2018; Thursday 1 February 2018; Friday 2 February 2018; Friday 2 February 2018; Saturday 3 February 2018; Friday 2 March 2018; Friday 2 March 2018; Saturday 3 March 2018; Saturday 3 March 2018; Sunday 4 March 2018; Sunday 1 April 2018; Sunday 12 August 2018; Monday 13 August 2018; Monday 13 August 2018; Tuesday 14 August 2018; Monday 10 September 2018; Tuesday 11 September 2018; Wednesday 12 September 2018; Tuesday 9 October 2018; Wednesday 10 October 2018
Vary, see above for more information. Please note that Severn Bore predictions are sourced from
Free of charge
The Environment Agency's customer telephone number is 08708 506 506, however, they may be unable to assist with bore times.

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