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Quiz: How well do you really know Gloucestershire?

From bizarre events to iconic buildings, put your local knowledge to the test and find out how well you really know Gloucestershire in SoGlos’s first quiz.

How well do you really know Gloucestershire?

Put your local knowledge to the test and find out exactly how well you know Gloucestershire in SoGlos's first ever quiz.

The River Severn, which runs through Gloucestershire, is the longest river in Britain, but just how long is it?

160 miles

180 miles

200 miles

220 miles

Which of the above is the flag of Gloucestershire?





The initials AONB are often used in association with the Cotswolds, what do they stand for?

Animal Owners Need to Beware

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Association of National Butterflies

Area Overrun with Native Boars

On which hill, near Gloucester, does the world-famous Cheese Rolling take place?

Cheddar Hill

Chosen Hill

Cooper's Hill

Camembert Hill

Which of these is NOT an annual Cheltenham Festival?





Which of these four pigs is the famous Gloucestershire Old Spot?





In which Gloucestershire town can you visit the world's first lawnmower?





What are the six districts of Gloucestershire?

Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury

Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Evesham, Oxford, Stroud, Stratford-on-Avon

Cheltenham, Gloucester, Malvern, Stratford-on-Avon, Tewkesbury, Wychavon

Cotswolds, Gloucester, Stroud, Stratford-on-Avon, Tewkesbury, Wyre Forest,

Gloucestershire physician, Edward Jenner, created the world's first vaccine. What was it for?





Which of these bizarre events does NOT take place in Gloucestershire?

Shin-kicking Championships

Onion eating contest

Wool sack racing

Stone Skimming Championships

What is Gloucester Rugby's nickname?

The Red and Whites

Strawberry and Vanillas

The Gloucester Warriors

Cherry and Whites

Which international fashion brand was founded in Cheltenham?

Ralph Lauren

Abercrombie and Fitch



Which famous Gloucestershire explorer is there a statue of on Cheltenham’s promenade?

Robert Falcon Scott

Edmund Wilson Rogers

Edward Adrian Wilson

Henry Robertson Bower

The Cotswold Way National Trail is one of Britain's best walks, but just how long is it?

92 miles

102 miles

105 miles

112 miles

In which part of Gloucester Cathedral was this Harry Potter scene filmed?

The knave

The room of requirement

The cloisters

Slytherin dungeon

Simon Pegg is one of Gloucester’s biggest Hollywood exports, but what was his first TV acting role?


I'm Alan Partridge

Six Pairs of Pants

Big Train

Which Gloucestershire village was Laurie Lee's famous novel, Cider With Rosie, set in?





Which British queen is buried at Sudeley Castle and Gardens in Winchcombe?

Queen Anne Boleyn

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Catherine Howard

Queen Katherine Parr

To what does Cheltenham owe its spa town status to?

A flood

A drought

A herd of cows

A flock of pigeons

Gloucester is home to the largest factory in Europe for what tasty treat?

McVities biscuits

Cadbury's chocolate

Krispy Kreme donuts

Wall's ice cream

The Cheltenham Festival has only been cancelled once since World War II, but for what reason?

Major flooding

Stormy weather

Foot and mouth disease


Each year, hundreds of which birds migrate from Arctic Russia to Gloucestershire's Slimbridge Wetland Centre?


Bewick's swans

Bar-tailed godwits

Arctic terns

What is the GCHQ building commonly known as?

The Ring

The Doughnut

The Circle

The Bagel

What did Neptune on Cheltenham Promenade lose in 2014?

His trident

His crown

His conch shell

His dignity

And finally, what is Gloucestershire's motto?

Prorsum Semper


Salubritas et Eruditio

Sapere Aude

Village idiot!

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