Monday 17 February 2020

17 creative ideas for DIY wedding favours

From cute cupcakes and chocolates to photographic mementos and music, discover SoGlos's 17 ideas for DIY wedding favours.

Couples searching for crowd-pleasing and affordable wedding favours can find inspiration from SoGlos, discovering 16 ideas for creating bespoke mementos at home.

Suitable for everyone from creative cooks and imaginative artists, to impatient couples hoping for a quick-fix, there’s a DIY wedding favour for everyone.

1. Sweet jars

Homemade sweet jars are not only quick and simple to make, but also turn a classic wedding favour into a thoughtful gift. Plus, there’s the added advantage that couples can handpick their favourite sweets – and avoid any less favourable choices – making for a treat which is delicious, personalised, and economical.

2. Chocolates

Guaranteed to be a hit with guests, chocolates are a great wedding favour idea – and can easily be made at home for that extra personal touch. Whether it’s simply pouring melted chocolate into a mould, going all-out with piping, sprinkles, or for perfectionists, maybe even some tempering, the end product is guaranteed to be a delicious memento.

3. Candles

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While making candles might sound a little advanced for uncreative types, all it requires is a pretty jar or vintage tea cup, a wick, and some wax flakes – or for the ultimate convenience, a kit. The result is a completely bespoke favour with a unique look and smell, which serves as a long-lasting gift.

4. Music playlists

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For techno whizzes who prefer getting creative on a computer, music playlists are the answer. Whether it’s on a CD, disk drive, or online, sharing a playlist of personal songs is sure to touch on guests’ emotions, tapping into fond memories and creating new ones too. And even better, it’s a great money-saving favour.

5. Jam

Easy to make in an industrial batch and spoon into individual jars for wedding guests, jam is a sweet and simple favour which can be enjoyed long after the ceremony. And to make things even more personal, couples can add handwritten labels with a special message, images, or ribbon as a thoughtful touch.

6. Bottled drink

One which discerning drinkers are sure to enjoy, bottling up a beverage offers a great favour idea which guests can either down on the night, or save for a later date. Whether it’s a virgin cocktail or an alcoholic tipple, couples can simply mix up the concoction and pour it into individual, and perhaps personalised bottles.

7. Cupcakes

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Brides-and-grooms-to-be can whip up a storm in the kitchen, creating cute cupcakes which are sure to go down a treat with guests. The sweet treats can be topped with simple icing, a piped message, or an edible photograph of the happy couple – there are countless options for creative and cack-handed cooks alike.

8. Photo gifts

Whether it’s cutting and sticking polaroids, ordering bespoke prints, or creating custom-made gifts, couples can create their own photo gifts for a totally unique favour. From miniature frames and snow globes, to keyrings, photobooks and mini photos, it’s the perfect way to keep a special moment living on and to share it with loved ones.

9. A USB stick

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While a USB in itself isn’t the most exciting, one crammed with pictures, songs, videos, and more is sure to provide some entertainment for guests once the wedding is over. And to make the favour a visual treat too, couples can order USB sticks in special designs or engraved with a message.

10. Luggage tags

A cute and quirky favour, and one which couldn’t be easier to make at home, luggage tags can be any shape, size, or design, depending on the happy couple’s artistic skills. Rustic, glitzy, or calligraphic, the options are endless, with this DIY wedding favour also having the advantage of being a money saver.

11. Seeds

A favour which has remained a favourite across generations of newlyweds, seeds not only symbolise growth, beginnings, and prosperity, but they can also provide a handmade gift from the bride and groom. Quick and easy to put into a pretty bag, jar, or a customised envelope, it’s a gift which keeps on giving.

12. Tea

A quintessentially British favour, and one which can be made at home, tea is a useful and tasty favour, which can be presented in any number of ways. Whether it’s bagged, tinned, or placed in sachets, it can be accompanied by a hand-written note and given as a tea-rific sign of a couple’s brewing love. And if tea isn’t the drink of choice…

13. Coffee

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Coffee addicts are sure to appreciate a bag of roasted beans, which can be gathered in a muslin bag or jar and personalised with a thoughtful label, tag or note. Perfect for a post-wedding breakfast pick-me-up or to take home, coffee proves a delicious favour which is easy to prepare for a large number of guests.

14. Pebbles

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It couldn’t be easier to ink guests’ names onto a pretty pebble, yet it provides a permanent present and special reminder of a wedding day. And for a more artsy favour, pressed flowers or pretty patterns can provide a beautiful finish.

15. Soap

Fragrant and colourful soaps offer endless variations depending on personal tastes, while also providing a beautiful and useful wedding favour. Whether it’s making the soap from scratch, decorating a ready-made batch, or just creating some handmade packaging, guests can reap the benefits long after the ceremony.

16. Personalised packaging

And finally, if making the favour itself poses too mammoth a task, wedding favours can still be given that personal touch by creating a homemade label, tag, or wrapping paper. From calligraphy and photographs to personalised messages, packaging can be customised to add a special touch to an ordinary favour.

17. Sugar scrub

Treat guests to an at home pamper with a body sugar scrub. Fast and simple to make, just mix granulated sugar with olive or coconut oil and any essential oils of your choice. Decant into small jars for a sweet gift that will leave your friends feeling and smelling beautiful as they relax after your big day.

By Kathryn Godfrey

© SoGlos
Wednesday 17 February 2016

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