Monday 17 December 2018

15 times animals stole the show at weddings

From cuddly bunnies to man's best friend, enjoy some super-cute inspiration with these 15 Instagram images of animals taking centre stage at weddings.

With family and friends all part of a couple’s big day, why not welcome beloved pets or adorable animals into the wedding celebration?

Promising all the cute inspiration, SoGlosWeddings has found 15 Instagram images that capture animals stealing the show at weddings.

1. Peering pooch

A post shared by Rob Tarren (@robtarrenphoto) on

2. Kiss the bride

3. Wedding excitement

A post shared by Digby Dog (@digby_beagle) on

Image © J S Coates Wedding Photography

4. Curious cat

5. Mr & Mrs Alpaca

6. Meeting meerkats

7. A-moo-zing photos

8. Cuddles with the bride and groom

9. Handsome horse – and grooms!

10. Four-legged friends

11. Cute cat

12. Farm fun

13. Meet the groom

A post shared by Lucy Noble (@lucynoble) on

14. Bunny cuddles

A post shared by Harry (@harry_thehandsomebun) on

15. Faithful friend

© SoGlos
Friday 25 May 2018

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