Tuesday 18 February 2020

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SoGlos.com goes backstage with indie rockers Zoidberg.

Backstage with Zoidberg

SoGlos.com catches up with local indie rock band Zoidberg to talk Futurama and being on the cover of NME – well, this time...

SoGlos.com goes backstage with acoustic folk rock duo Taylor and Williams.

Backstage with Taylor and Williams

Local duo Taylor and Williams have become a must-see act on the local scene. With a new album just around the corner, we go...

SoGlos.com goes backstage with Cheltenham’s alternative rockers The Divine Secret.

Backstage with The Divine Secret

Cheltenham band The Divine Secret has been rocking venues across Gloucestershire, and the UK, since 2005. SoGlos.com goes backstage...

Psytrance DJ Toad, aka Nick Hughes, keeps the county’s trance lovers on the dancefloor.

Behind the decks with Toad

SoGlos.com goes behind the decks with DJ Nick Hughes, aka Toad, to find out what the psytrance resident at Toadstool has to...

SoGlos.com goes backstage with Cheltenham alternative rockers Hesters Way.

Backstage with Hesters Way

Gloucestershire alternative rock band Hesters Way has, in despite of the prejudices that come with the name, become a local...

SoGlos.com goes backstage with 4ft Fingers – one of Gloucestershire’s most successful bands.

Backstage with 4ft Fingers

One of Gloucestershire’s most successful bands, 4ft Fingers, spill the beans on rubbing shoulders with Green Day and Iron Maiden,...

DJ Nick Reynolds, Blush’s resident DJ for a staggering 13 years, reveals all.

Behind the decks with DJ Nick Reynolds

SoGlos.com wonders if Cheltenham’s clubbers know just how lucky they are, as Blush’s resident mix master – the seasoned DJ...

SoGlos.com goes backstage with Gloucestershire’s powerpop foursome, The Echoes.

Backstage with The Echoes

The similarities with a well known British pop rock band are uncanny, they’re taking to the stage at some of the county’s best...

Sons of the Delta bringing souful blues to the county. © Tony Winfield

Backstage with Sons of the Delta

From Gloucestershire to the Mississippi, SoGlos.com talks to blues and Americana band Sons of the Delta about recording in...

Gloucestershire’s most popular female DJ, Missrepresent, is kicking up a storm across the UK and beyond.

Behind the decks with Missrepresent

Missrepresent talks about throwing up before sets, her passion for vinyl and what it’s really like being a female drum...

We go backstage with QwEEK, one of Gloucestershire’s most popular bands who are more than proving their worth.

Backstage with QwEEK

SoGlos.com goes backstage with Gloucestershire band QwEEK – who talk about losing teeth on stage, fulfilling their wish play...

Catch DJ Gareth Yip twice every month at his Cafe Rene Paranoid and Paranoid Stripped sets.

Behind the decks with DJ Gareth Yip

Flying the flag for Gloucester’s dance scene, DJ Gareth Yip talks techno, trance, house and er, The Birdie Song.

Raison D’etre’s Evan Burgess – one third of the Cirencester rock band well worth checking out.

Backstage with Raison D’etre

They’re still building a fan base and haven’t yet got around to recording that EP – but when Cirencester rock band Raison D’etre...

Stroud-based trio CuckooRow are quickly developing a following across the county.

Backstage with CuckooRow

The Stroud-based trio CuckooRow are drumming-up quite a following in Gloucestershire – they tell us they’ve even been chased...

Catch Access working his magic in Stroud and across Gloucestershire.

Behind the decks with Access

We catch up with Nick Wright, better known as Stroud’s DJ Access, to talk eclectic influences, vinyl versus digital and achieving...

Being a jack of all trades has helped Stroud-based Master of None create a unique sound.

Backstage with Master of None

We talk bizarre comparisons, Robert the Bruce and embarrassing moments after a song’s finished with the multi-talented Stroud-based...

Seasoned DJ Fade at GFM’s 3on3 Streetball event.

Behind the decks with DJ Fade

GFM’s DJ Fade is one of the busiest boys in the industry, we caught-up with the city’s seasoned mix master to talk clubs, crowds...

You won’t catch Irritant singing ‘Push the Button’, that’s for sure.

Backstage with Irritant

With their debut single due for release on Monday 25 June, we talk gigs at the Guildhall, touring the UK and sharing a studio...

DJ Darren Price practices his ‘big fish, little fish’ dance moves.

Behind the decks with Darren Price

Subtone’s resident DJ, Darren Price, dishes the dirt on his weirdest request, his all time favourite track and what it’s like...

The Novocaines’ new wave act livens-up Lydney’s music scene.

Backstage with The Novocaines

Local band The Novacaines have garnered something of a cult following across the country, we caught up with the Forest of Dean...

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