Gloucestershire scale up for business guide

As we come out of lockdown one thing is sure – many businesses will grow and few will be able to do that on their own. Luckily Gloucestershire is blessed with many organisations who can help pave the way to success.

Whether your business is just starting up, re-starting and future-proofing after lockdown, or you simply know you need that critical input, Gloucestershire is blessed with people who can help.

SoGlos’s Gloucestershire scale up for business guide is packed with support and advice from trusted experts like The Growth Hub – open to almost any question about growing your business you can imagine.

About the sponsor – The Growth Hub

The Growth Hub is Gloucestershire’s go-to resource for rapid business growth. From expert consultants to group workshops; intensive programmes to private working spaces across the county, The Growth Hub is set up to support ambitious businesses with ambitious plans.

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The Growth Hub’s Scale Up offer

The lowdown

The Growth Hub’s Scale Up programme is a hyper-specific, private programme, for business leaders who share similar traits: like size, turnover, sector, or type of challenge. The exclusive programme, taking place monthly, helps leaders solve related challenges and hear from expert speakers.

What’s on offer

With each session covering a different topic, Scale Up brings in thought leaders who have specific knowledge to share, on a wide range of topics. The subjects tackled are big picture, helping leaders look at what’s coming over the hill, whilst their managers deal with the day-to-day.

Dealing with long-term challenges but delivering immediate impacts, each workshop is fast-paced and interactive, designed to inspire conversation and encourage participants to share how they’ve tackled their own challenges, in a confidential environment.

Past speakers, like EY and Smith & Williamson, have conducted deep dives into topics like Exit Strategy, Crowdfunding Investment, and Emotional Leadership. And so far, since 2018, The Growth Hub has hosted almost 200 business leaders across multiple Scale Up programmes.

SoGlos loves

Given the past year, getting in a room with some friendly faces in similar situations is going to feel like sunshine after a storm. We’ve all missed our sounding boards, being able to bounce problems off colleagues and peers in professional environments, with Scale Up providing the perfect opportunity to get back to it – with the added benefit of speaker expertise too.

The important bits

Scale Up is by application only and places are extremely limited. Small group sizes keeps the sessions intimate, and allows participants to network and build relationships with fellow business leaders.

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IT advice and support from ReformIT

The lowdown

Cheltenham-based ReformIT provide a variety of IT support services to small and medium sized businesses, from help with hardware to moving IT support to ‘The Cloud.’

What’s on offer

From support with IT hardware like workstations, laptops, tablets and core infrastructure, to website hosting; VoIP telephone services; faster broadband; and even protection from cyber crime, ReformIT can do it all.

It can even offer remote IT support for businesses still operating with a blend of home- and office-based working, ensuring software is upgraded remotely, keeping the risk of cyber crime at bay.

SoGlos loves

ReformIT is one of a tiny percentage of firms nationwide to achieve the Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus rating, meaning it maintains the very highest standards for its customers – and practices what it preaches too.

The important bits

ReformIT offers free consulations to businesses, providing a quote tailored to your exact business needs.

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Planning for success with OPS-BOX

The lowdown

Whatever the size of your business, whatever you make, sell or do, you’re likely have one simple goal – to be successful. To do that, you’ll need a plan, with OPS-BOX providing essential support services to help your busines plan for success.

What’s on offer

While you are probably an expert at what you do, drawing up that plan, and asking the right questions of yourself and your business can seem like an impossible challenge.

How do you get from where you are today to where you want to be? Do you have all the moving parts (the people, the infrastructure, the tools) to power your journey? Do you have the financial resources in place to ensure that your business can go the distance?

That’s where OPS-BOX comes in. It can provide all the essential support services your business needs around planning, operations, people, finance and growth, helping you work better, faster and more profitably.

SoGlos loves

OPS-BOX directors, Hayley Parker and Richard Neale, have plenty of expertise in helping businesspeople create business plans with clear and realistic goals, mapping out the path to take to achieve them – including a strategy that flexes when faced with growth and change, underpinned by a solid understanding of the bigger financial picture.

The important bits

OPS-BOX make all of the above happen, delivering help with business strategy, business proposition, customer analysis, an operating model, market and financial analysis – customised for you and delivered on time and on budget.

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Xero and Sage bookkeeping with management accounts and payroll from BookCheck

The lowdown

With headquarters in Stroud, BookCheck describes itself as a world-leader in what it does – top quality management information reporting with Xero and Sage bookkeeping, plus a payroll bureau.

What’s on offer

BookCheck offers an outsourced service of bookkeeping exclusively using Xero and Sage software, totally focused on providing the very highest level of skill for its clients. It is also a payroll bureau, using industry leader Iris, including full pension auto enrolment compliance.

It allows owners to ‘get on with the business’ rather than worrying about the accounting – and as a team of 60, BookCheck has the resources to cope with a clients’ requirements and growth too.

By providing valuable management information, its clients also improve profitability and cash flow.

All the reporting is guaranteed, thoroughly checked and issued personally by one of nine qualified accountants.

The ‘world-leading’ claim relates to its method of reporting – using a system which avoids mistakes, keying time, errors and pivot table issues. If it’s in the accounting system, it can be reported in any way required.

BookCheck specialises in splitting the profit and loss and margins between sectors of a business with many clients finding, for the first time, they truly understand the relative profitability of different aspects of their business.
This can enable them to make game changing decisions about the future of their company.

BookCheck also has a ‘highly valuable skill’ it calls MAD – Migration to Xero plus Xero Add-on Development. In short, transferring a client’s books onto the Xero system.

The company focus now is on exploiting Xero for the very profitable benefits it can provide.

SoGlos loves

While others have only recently started talking about ‘The Cloud’, BookCheck has been pioneering the use of Cloud-based software for 18 years, since 2003.

The important bits

Although the team includes nine qualified accountants, BookCheck is not a firm of accountants. It works closely with the client’s accountants to achieve a quicker and easier year end process and benefits those clients throughout the year.

BookCheck works with businesses turning over from £200,000 up to £25 million.

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Friday 20 August 2021

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