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12 tops top tips to help your child learn to read

With a whole world of exciting books waiting to be explored, watching your little ones learn to read is both amazing and challenging. With all the handy hints on helping your child learn to read, don't miss SoGlos's hot list sponsored by The King's School.

If your child is learning to read and you’re after some helpful hints and tips on how to help them along, don’t miss this handy hot list full of ideas on how to get the kids reading in no time.

Sponsored by Little Kings, the kindergarten and reception class for children at The King’s School Gloucester, this hot list is packed full of ways to encourage little readers.

A phonics specialist and head of Little King’s, Sarah Beard reveals her top tips. For more information visit, directly.

1. Have patience

Being able to read is something we all take for granted, but The Little King’s head, Sarah Beard explains that learning to read for the first time is similar to buttoning up a shirt or coat with gloves on – a slow process!

Learning to read can take time, and parents can sometimes find it frustrating when children don’t pick it up straight away, but it’s important to remember how hard it can be to learn a new skill and have patience.

2. Get the older siblings involved

Make reading fun by getting older children involved too. Letting the older siblings read to children helps to make reading more engaging and is a great way for children to spend time together too.

3. Join a library scheme

The school holidays are a great time to join a library scheme. Many Gloucestershire libraries run reading schemes in the summer where children can enter to see how many books they can read over the holidays.

Getting a library card and borrowing books is also a fantastic way to mix up your book selection without having to buy loads.

4. Buy books for presents

Build up your child’s book collection with the gift of a book for their birthday or Christmas present. During the festive period, a book a day for advent is also a lovely way to encourage reading.

5. Think outside the box

Reading doesn’t have to be just at home with books. Encourage your child to read signs, shop names and help with the shopping list. If you’re cooking, get your little one to help read the recipe and the ingredients too.

6. Revisit the favourite books

Children don’t always have to be reading something brand new. Let your child read you their favourite book. If they know the story well, it may encourage them to experiment with expression and their tone of voice.

7. Get reading yourself

The best way to set an example is to read yourself. Whether you read to your child at night or they see you enjoying a good book, showing an interest in reading is really important to your child.

8. Make time for reading

Set aside some quiet time every day as a family especially for reading. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before bed, making time for reading is important for your child’s development. Reading before bed is also proven to help you sleep better.

9. Support and encourage

It’s important to remember that all children learn to read at slightly different rates. Supporting your child with their reading and encouraging them to keep going, is the best way to see an improvement.

10. Take a look at the blurb

When your child is learning to read, not all kinds of books will be interesting to them. Encourage little ones to read the blurb of books so they can decide whether they’d like to read it or not.

11. Help them out with pages

It can be incredibly frustrating and tiring to read for children who find it especially difficult. Help your child out by offering to read a page each alternatively, that way they only have to read one page then can have a rest for one page.

12. Listen to audio books

Whilst listening to audio books obviously isn’t reading, it is a great way to encourage children to want to have a go at reading themselves.

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