9 future skills every young person in Gloucestershire needs

Learning to cook, managing finances and caring for the environment are just some of the essential skills young people should learn, according to the King’s School Gloucester Sixth Form.

Learning essential life skills like how to cook, manage your finances or perform first aid can help young people get off to a flying start when they leave school and head out to live independently for the first time.

In this hot list, SoGlos shares nine essential skills to that every young person should know – and some of ways the King’s School Gloucester Sixth Form helps its students learn them.

About the sponsor – The King’s School Gloucester Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Centre at the King’s School Gloucester has undergone a £2 million redevelopment to transform the 13th century building into a modern new space for the next generation of students.

As well as offering an outstanding education; varied co-curricular activities from music to sport; as well as leadership opportunities; its Future Skills programme gives sixth formers the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, from cooking to budgeting, to help get them ready to live independently when they leave the school.

For more information, visit thekingsschool.co.uk.

1. Learning to cook

Learning to cook is one of the most fundamental life skills every young person should learn – because nobody really wants to live on a diet of Pot Noodles and takeaways when they go to university!

Students at King’s Sixth Form take a cookery skills course with school caterers, Thomas Franks, where they learn to cook a variety of freshly prepared dishes before donating the meals to Gloucester Feed the Hungry.

2. Managing finances

For students going away to college or university, getting their own place for the first time can be daunting. From utility bills to groceries, there’s a lot to fork out for without the bank of mum and dad always on hand to help out.

Managing finances is a key part of the Future Skills programme at the King’s School Gloucester Sixth Form, helping young people learn to manage their money and stick to a household budget.

3. First Aid

As well as being a vitally important skill, First Aid is also a nationally recognised qualification – and one that’s especially valuable in the workplace.

From dealing with cuts and grazes to staying calm and saving lives in an emergency, students at the King’s School Sixth Form learn First Aid as part of the Future Skills programme.

4. Learning how to live away from home

While getting a first home can of course be heaps of fun, from choosing the décor to buying gadgets, there are also plenty of practical skills needed, like knowing how to replace a light bulb or change a fuse.

Luckily for King’s School Sixth Formers, the Future Skills programme teaches practical skills to help them learn to live away from home – including building flat pack furniture.

5. Vehicle Maintenance

Having a car gives a huge sense of freedom and it’s important new drivers know how to keep themselves and their car safe on their travels. The King’s School Sixth Form works with Malvern Tyres to teach students all about vehicle safety and maintenance, so they can tell their dipstick from their dipped beams!

For those who don’t have a car, learning how to maintain their bike and how to use public transport safely are all equally valuable skills King’s Sixth Formers learn.

6. Caring for the environment

Protecting the environment for future generations is everyone’s responsibility – with plenty of simple changes we can all make to live in an eco-friendlier way.

King’s School Sixth Form students learn how they can care for the environment as part of the Future Skills programme and even take part in litter-picking around Gloucester as part of the ‘King’s in the Community’ initiative.

7. Work experience

While academic results are important, the best way to learn how to do a job – and whether it’s the right career path – can be to give it a try, or hear from an expert who has done it.

King’s hold regular careers lunches with industry experts to give students an insight into their different career options. Students also get the opportunity to undertake work experience, giving them a way to put the things they’ve learned into practice in a real-world environment – and get an all-important entry on their CV.

8. Rights and responsibilities

From freedom of speech to the right to live in a home that’s safe, knowing what rights people have and having a good understanding of the law is empowering, especially for young people living independently for the first time.

As part of the Future Skills programme, King’s School Sixth Formers take lessons in citizenship, learning about their rights and responsibilities as members of society, as well as understanding the law.

9. Charitable and community work

Giving back to the community is a wonderful thing to do at any age, helping all of us become more understanding and compassionate. With today’s young people known for their empathetic nature, volunteering or charity work is great way for them to do some good.

Sixth Formers at the King’s School Gloucester give back to the community in a variety of ways, including interacting with elderly people who live in care; helping primary school children learn to read; cooking meals for people who need them; and volunteering in local charity shops, community centres and even Gloucester Cathedral.

For more information about The King’s School Gloucester, visit thekingsschool.co.uk.

By Chloe Gorman

© SoGlos
Friday 22 January 2021

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