15 of the best podcasts to listen to this year

From laugh-out-loud adult comedy and compelling true crime, to sports entertainment and lifestyle chats, SoGlos finds 15 podcasts to get you hooked and make your bus journeys all the more enjoyable.

Whether you hop onto the bus for your daily commute, shopping trips or sporadic outings, it’s always a good idea to inject some fun into your journey – and a good, gripping podcast is just the ticket!

Encompassing everything from cultural chats and crime to comedy, SoGlos has teamed up with Stagecoach West to find 15 free and seriously addictive podcasts.

Operating an impressive service throughout the county, Stagecoach West is the perfect choice for affordable and convenient travel, offering the chance to switch off, sit back and relax – all you need to bring is the entertainment!

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1. The Adam Buxton Podcast

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British comedian, actor and director Adam Buxton hosts an award-winning eponymous podcast, welcoming different guests from different worlds for some light-hearted conversation.

Alongside numerous comedians such as Sara Pascoe, Nick Kroll and Rob Brydon, the podcast has also featured names such as documentary maestro Louis Theroux, film maker Adam Curtis, and journalist and author Caitlin Moran.

2. Serial

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From the creators of This American Life, multi award-winning podcast Serial tells a true crime story which took place in 1999 in Baltimore, addressing the murder of Hae Min Lee and the subsequent arrest, trial and conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed.

Hosted by reporter Sarah Koenig, the podcast broke records by becoming the fastest to get five million downloads on ITunes, led to spin-off show Undisclosed: The State vs Adnan Syed, and brought the decades-old crime to international attention.

3. WTF with Marc Maron

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Boasting an incredible 250 million downloads within its first six years, WTF with Mac Maron sees the stand-up comedian host revelatory conversations with iconic personalities, with the podcast garnering acclaim and fans across the world.

Having welcomed legendary figures such as Robin Williams, Cindy Crawford, Daniel Radcliffe, Keith Richards, and even President Barack Obama to date, Marc Maron tackles the complex philosophical question of our day, WTF, with his guests.

4. S Town

An eagerly anticipated podcast from Serial and This American Life, S Town smashed records by being downloaded 10 million times in just four days, offering an addictive series which revolves around Alabama man, John B McLemore.

Hosted by Brian Reed, the investigative journalism podcast begins when John, who hates his home town, contacts This American Life for its help to investigate an alleged murder – but the story soon becomes something else entirely.

5. Desert Island Discs

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A radio programme which goes back to 1941, Desert Island Discs remains an ever-popular weekly show and podcast which invites ‘castaways’ to share eight discs, a book and a luxury to take with them to a deserted island, explaining their choices along the way.

Having featured everyone from Ed Sheeran, Michael Palin, and David Beckham, to Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Dirk Bogarde, the dedicated podcast offers archives dating back to the 1940s, as well as full episodes from this year.

6. No Such Thing As A Fish

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No Such Thing As A Fish sees the researchers behind favourite television show QI discuss the most interesting facts from the week – touching on the weird and wonderful for a show which promises information and comedy in equal measures.

Whether you’re interested in dolphins’ drug habits, the world’s oldest chewing gum, alien chess, drunk animals, Godzilla’s toilet habits or farts in a jar, expect the unexpected during the weekly shows.

7. My Dad Wrote A Porno

With more than 50 million downloads to date, My Dad Wrote A Porno is a strictly adult-only podcast which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and risk you looking slightly odd in public – but it’s definitely worth it!

With a self-explanatory title, the podcast sees Jamie Morton read chapters from his dad’s ‘erotic novel’ to his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio One’s Alice Levine, with the hilarious show, now in its third series, quickly becoming a phenomenon.

8. They Walk Among Us

Discussing crimes that are close to home, They Walk Among Us is a podcast dedicated to true crime, covering a wide variety of cases, encompassing subjects such as murder, fraud, kidnapping and arson.

Based on factual events, the compelling programme is co-written and narrated by true-crime devotee Benjamin, touching on everything from domestic murder and mass poisoning, to fatal house fires and life insurance scams.

9. Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

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Author, Telegraph columnist and mental health ambassador Bryony Gordon discusses mental health in her weekly podcast, with guests including singer Will Young, best-selling author Matt Haig, food writer Gizzi Erskine, and most notably, Prince Harry.

Bryony Gordon's Mad World explores ‘why it’s totally normal to feel weird’, touching on a number of topics such as PTSD, ADHD and OCD, and exploring how her guests’ mental health has been affected by certain events in their lives.

10. The Football Ramble

Footie fans can enjoy hours of entertainment thanks to ‘the most entertaining voice’ in the sport, The Football Ramble, a podcast dedicated to the more amusing side of the sport with hosts Marcus Speller, Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson and Jim Campbell.

The bi-weekly football podcast offers a comic, insightful and entertaining look at the world’s favourite sport, with its immense popularity since resulting in sold-out live shows and a bestselling book to boot.

11. Women of the Hour

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A podcast miniseries hosted by actress Lena Dunham, Women of the Hour touches on topics such as love, friendship, bodies and work, with Lena talking to everyone from Hollywood celebrities, to nurse practitioners and reporters.

Whether you want to hear Lena discuss being trapped with a woman who lived through a kidnapping in North Korea; listen to celebrity cat monologues; or discover The Big Picture when Lena talks life, death and spirituality, the diversity of topics offers something for all tastes.

12. This American Life

The most popular podcast in the USA with around 2.5 million downloads per week, This American Life also resonates with audiences across the pond, introducing a different theme for each episode and featuring stories around that theme.

Favourites to date include Act V which follows inmates at a high-security prison as they rehearse and stage a production of Hamlet; Switched At Birth about two baby girls who were accidently switched in 1951; and Original Recipe which explores the guarded secret for the formula of Coca-Cola.

13. Death, Sex and Money

If you like to hear about taboo topics, Death, Sex and Money will appeal, with host Anna Sale discussing subjects that are so ‘often left out of polite conversation’ – from debts and drugs, to disability and addiction.

Featuring recognisable names from the world of celebrity such as Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Brooke Shields and Jane Fonda, to unknown figures, listeners can look forward to frank discussion about some of life’s big questions.

14. Convicted

Convicted documents the story of Richard Nicolas who was convicted for the murder of his daughter in 1996 and sentenced to life in jail. But, the podcast questions this prison sentence, because what if he didn’t commit the crime?

Made by a team of two, the gripping true story vows to seek justice and overturn what could be a wrongful conviction, following in the footsteps of Serial and television show Making A Murderer, and hitting the top of the charts after its release.

15. At Home With…

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Bloggers and vloggers Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner collaborate for their hugely popular At Home With… podcast, going into the homes of people they admire to find out more about them and their lives, behind their front door!

Having ventured into the homes of Glamour editor Jo Elvin; blogger and content creator Kate La Vie; and cosmetics guru Terry de Gunzburg, the new podcast has already reached the number one chart position and continues to be a hit with listeners.

By Kathryn Godfrey

© SoGlos
Monday 05 June 2017

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