12 top tips from Oasis Events for stress-free party planning

Become the hostess with the mostest during the festive season, thanks to 12 tips for organising a stress-free celebration from Gloucestershire's top party planners, Oasis Events.

Whether you’re planning a festive bash, special celebration or birthday party to remember, SoGlos has teamed up with Oasis Events to find out its 12 top tips for planning a brilliant do without the stress factor!

Specialising in bespoke event design, party planning and management, Oasis Events offers services across Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, and beyond, transforming venues from ordinary places into extraordinary spaces for weddings, parties and events.

With 20 years’ experience, the Oasis team is dedicated to turning creative visions into a spectacular reality, with its meticulous planning and attention to detail ensuring that clients are able to relax and enjoy being a guest at their own uniquely tailored event or party.

For more information visit oasisevents.co.uk directly.

1. Hire a party planner

Oasis Events

An expert party planner will take the time to understand your visions for your event, offering advice and recommendations, and creating a realistic schedule and budget that you’re happy to spend.

They’ll look after the big picture as well as all the smaller details and more boring bits of party planning, allowing you to be a guest at your own event, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

This service may seem like a large investment in your party budget, but the experience of Oasis Events’ clients is that they couldn’t have imagined enjoying their party with friends and family as much as they did, without its expert helping hand. So, it’s something worth considering!

2. Plan ahead

Oasis Events

If you decide not to hire a party planner, use your time wisely and get ahead; make sure to give yourself as much time as possible to get organised, and give your guests plenty of notice to make sure they can make it to the event.

Whether you’re planning a do in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds or beyond, the best pick of venues and suppliers get booked well in advance, while deals and offers can be missed if you’re not on the lookout. While it can be fun to be spontaneous, it’s harder work to get it right and at the right price when you have little time on your side.

3. Set a budget

Oasis Events

Think through what you are willing to spend before you focus on any specific details, and produce a considered list of everything you would like for your event.

You can then weigh up what should have the greater spend or the lesser; for example, if music is important, you may decide to prioritise that over a more low-key plan for food and drinks.

4. Invest in experts

Oasis Events

Play to your strengths and enjoy the party planning process; don’t sweat the things you can’t face or can’t manage, especially because planning on a large scale requires different skills.

For example, you may be into cooking, good wine, or mixing cocktails, and while hiring a bar or catering team might seem like an excessive spend, their professional service, expertise in managing quantities, chilling or warming, and disposal of empties and general clear up is very valuable.

5. Pick your theme

Oasis Events

If you’re like a specific theme, colour or style for your event, choose one and stick to it. It makes styling and buying decisions easier as it guides your choices, and helps you stick to your budget.

6. Use technology

Oasis Events

When planning your event, using technology can help to save time and money. For example, online invitation programmes enable you to save the date, communicate with guests, and manage a guest list.

Meanwhile, playlists are great for saving money on live music; just be sure to check the Wi-Fi connection at your venue if you are going to rely on it!

7. Don’t be afraid to delegate

Oasis Events

If needed, delegate to friends so that you feel rested and energetic to host your party. What’s more, friends who are given a clear request, ideally to make, do or contribute something that is in their comfort zone, are sure to enjoy being part of the grand plan.

8. Communication is key

Oasis Events

It’s important to communicate the shape of your evening, weekend or daytime event clearly to your guests so that they know what to expect; make it easy for them to arrive promptly and easily, and consider letting them know what time they’re expected to leave!

Lend a helping hand and get the logistics right for them; for example, does the postcode work for sat nav; is there parking; can you provide taxi numbers in advance; and are there local hotels for them to retreat too once the festivities are over?

9. Be prepared for the worst…

Oasis Events

Try to spend time planning for elements of your party that could go wrong, as well as everything that you’re planning to go right, such as adverse weather or temperatures, heating or cooling for your venue, and power.

Ensure there are plenty of cables and sockets to run everything you are taking to the venue, and work closely with all of your suppliers to understand their needs and whether or when there may be a power requirement crunch point – it may be boring, but it’s certainly important!

10. Don’t be late!

Oasis Events

Plan to be party ready at least 30 minutes before your guests arrive, offering the chance to savour your work, get in the mood and relax!

This includes allowing time beforehand for any last-minute tasks such as lighting candles, organising the seating plan if necessary, making table and guest names, and a large clear table plan… these things always take longer than you think.

11. Once the party’s over…

Oasis Events

Don’t forget the aftermath; it’s as much part of the event as the preplanning. Make sure you organise the clear up and dismantling with the venue and suppliers; sorting out who is coming when, and in which order, can be very important to make things swift and efficient.

Think about who is doing the clean-up, moving all the rubbish, and details such as recycling; are you planning to recycle where possible, and if so, how?

12. Photography

Oasis Events

When the celebration all done and dusted, will you be relying on camera phone photos and your friends for sharing their snaps?

Hosts rarely have time to take their own pictures as their party is sure to pass by in a flash. Meanwhile, the services of a professional photographer needn’t break the budget, and is a spend which Oasis Events finds no-one ever regrets.

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Tuesday 12 December 2017

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