Recipe of the month November 2017: The Stable Cheltenham

Fans of Italian food are in for a treat this month as The Stable Cheltenham shares the recipe for its popular Spy-cy GCHQ pizza.

Get ready to spice up your November dinners with a hot, hot, hot pizza recipe from dedicated pizza and cider specialists, The Stable Cheltenham.

The delicious pizza, which is topped with spicy pork that’s been marinated in fiery Naga chilli harrisa paste, will definitely warm you up on a winter’s night! And, once you’ve mastered the sourdough base, start experimenting with a host of different toppings to find your favourite combination.

The Spy-cy GCHQ pizza

Serves: One
Preparation time: 6 hours
Cooking time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for the sourdough base

320g organic strong white bread flour
160ml water
20ml extra virgin olive oil
5g salt
5g caster sugar
5g fresh yeast
50ml sourdough starter

Method for the sourdough base

1. For the sourdough starter you will need to cultivate one, which you can find out how to do online, or go into The Stable with a container, and they can give you some to take home which will be far quicker and easier. But beware, if you don’t feed him daily with flour and water he might die!

2. If you have a dough mixer in your home than add your ingredients into the bowl of the mixer and mix until you have a silky, smooth dough.

3. Otherwise you will have to mix the dough by hand. Combining the ingredients and then kneading them on a clean, cold surface with your hands.

4. Leave to prove overnight in the fridge or for a minimum of six hours and make sure you knock it back a couple of times. Weigh out into dough balls around 135g.

Ingredients for the tomato pizza sauce

1 x tin chopped tomatoes
1tbsp garlic puree
1tsp herbs de Provence
1tsp oregano
1 x red onion, diced
20g fresh basil
A pinch of salt
A pinch of ground black pepper

Method for the tomato pizza sauce

1. Heat a saucepan with enough oil to lightly cover the base of the pan. Once the oil is hot, add the red onion.

2. Fry this with the garlic purée and the herbs de Provence and oregano. Add the basil, and keep stirring till the onions are golden brown but be careful not to let them catch and burn.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes and salt and ground black pepper to taste and cook for one-and-a-half hours and leave to cool.

Ingredients for the harissa spiced pork

300g long red chillies, stalks removed
10g Naga chilli
1 x heaped dessert spoon of hot chilli powder
1 x dessert spoon of garlic purée
10g salt
Pomace oil
100g pork mince

Method for the harissa spiced pork

1. If using dried Nagas, soak them for a couple of minutes in hot water and then remove. This will help extract the heat and flavour.

2. In a food processer, add all your ingredients, except the pork, and blitz them up, slowly adding the pomace oil to make a smooth paste.

3. Once you have made your harissa paste, add it to your pork mince and mix it in well. The more harissa you add, the hotter it will become.

Ingredients for building your pizza

135g dough
60g tomato pizza sauce
50g Thinly sliced flat field mushrooms
40g Sliced red onion
4 large basil leaves
100g harissa spiced pork
80g mozzarella
Fresh chilli and chilli flakes to taste

Method for building your pizza

1. Preheat your oven to 300°C with a pizza stone inside.

2. Roll out your dough ball to around 12 inches. This will produce a thin, crispy base.

3. Place the dough on a baking tray, or something you can use to slide the pizza onto the stone to cook.

4. Cover the pizza base lightly in a spoonful of your tomato pizza sauce. Add some chilli flakes, spread out some sliced flat field mushrooms, sliced red onion, and fresh basil leaves.

5. Add small balls of your harissa spiced pork. It’s important they aren’t too big as they need to be able to cook all the way through.

6. Add your mozzarella and some more fresh chilli on top, season with salt.
Cook on your pizza stone for five minutes or until golden brown.

For a vegan option, replace the spicy pork with some roasted red peppers and use Bute Island vegan mozzarella and you have the Bute Island Blazer.

We’d love to see snaps of your culinary efforts, so upload your pictures to social media with the hashtag #soglosrecipe!

For more information, see The Stable Cheltenham, call (01242) 514163, or visit directly.

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Wednesday 01 November 2017

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