Tuesday 18 February 2020

Interview about Miserden's pop-up restaurant

Excellent chefs, bring your own booze, and fantastic feasts comprising sushi, tapas and Moroccan; find out what to expect at Miserden's unique pop-up restaurant in SoGlos's dedicated interview feature.

Promising an unrivalled dining experience within a characterful setting, The Garden Café at Miserden will once again be the setting for a host of pop-up restaurant evenings, welcoming top chefs to cook up culinary delights.

Discussing the pop-up restaurant’s totally unique charm, the prestigious chefs and their exceptional menus, Miserden owner Nicholas Wills speaks to SoGlos to reveal what diners can expect.

The lowdown from Nicholas…

What inspired you to open the pop-up restaurant?

To provide something a bit different and to give local chefs the chance to exhibit their talents, and create something totally unique!

You’ve hosted a few already; what have the reactions been?

The venue is totally unique in the greenhouse, and the reaction from guests has been totally amazing. There’s been lots of comparisons to Petersham Nursery, which I believe has a Michelin star so that’s really flattering.

But really it’s all about the chefs, and we’ve had some really top evenings!

What is the concept being the pop-up restaurant?

It’s fine dining but accessible which is the key; all of our menus are priced reasonably and it’s bring your own booze – this adds a unique twist and means we can keep prices low.

It's fine dining but accessible which is the key; all of our menus are priced reasonably and it's bring your own booze.

Jon Richardson will be cooking first; what will he be making?

He will be cooking a tapas-style feast. He’s keen to try out different flavours throughout the year. You’re looking at £35 per head, and if you look at the pictures on his website, you can see the standard of food is exceptional.

Soushi’s Brett Mills will be returning for another pop-up?

Brett Mills’ evening is really reasonable and really personable. I think diners can expect quite a lot from him!

His sushi night drew in a different crowd, people who wouldn’t usually come to Miserden or the nursery, so it was really great to see some new faces.

And the final chef, Ruben Leon-Acosta, has a prestigious background…

Yes, absolutely. Ruben heard about the restaurant on the grapevine which is exciting from my point of view, because it means it’s gaining attraction!

His first evening will be a Moroccan theme, and then he’s got a series of nights planned throughout the year which should be really exciting.

Finally, what can diners expect?

Something totally different, an exciting evening! It really stands apart from the usual gastropub food which is available in the Cotswolds.

It’s totally unique, I think outside of Cheltenham, maybe even as far as London, that quality of dining experience.

The chefs…

Jonathan Richardson, cooking Friday 12 and Saturday 13 January 2018

Pop-up Restaurant at Miserden

Heading to catering college after leaving school, Jonathan Richardson enjoyed a progressive career, reaching the dizzying heights of Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons, Oxford – the world acclaimed chef, Raymond Blanc’s, flagship hotel.

Jonathan soon learnt the discipline of the kitchen, in addition to discovering the focus and dedication needed to be at the top of the career ladder, experiencing a few years of diverse kitchens, hotels, pubs, restaurants, private residences and large scale outside events, before focusing on private catering.

With 25 years’ working as a chef, Jonathan promises to pass his knowledge onto the plate!

Jonathan Richardson will be cooking a tapas-style meal.

Soushi’s Brett Mills, cooking Friday 26 January 2018

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Brett Mills’ love affair with food began when he was 12 years old, working washing up and watching the chefs work their magic, before spending most of his teen years working in the multicultural vibrant mecca of Brisbane, Australia.

Moving to Port Douglas at the age of 19, Brett began working at a Thai restaurant, learning all about Thai and Japanese cooking over the next three years, from the head chef, who was Japanese.

This led to Brett embarking on a worldwide journey, travelling across South East Asia and continental Europe, picking up knowledge and recipes along the way.

Inspired by clean, fresh food that’s made beautifully, Brett is a believer that people eat with their eyes; working at Soushi in Cirencester was therefore the perfect match, creating dishes that are crisp, clean, with an abundance of flavour, and look amazing!

Diners can expect a sushi feast from Brett Mills.

Ruben Leon-Acosta, cooking Friday 9 and Saturday 10 February 2018

Pop-up Restaurant at Miserden

Born in Havana, Cuba, Ruben Leon-Acosta has been in the UK for 20 years, in addition to attending cooking schools in Thailand, Vietnam and Morocco.

With accolades including cooking with Michelin-starred chefs such as David Thompson and John Campbell, Ruben has also cooked at restaurants such as Ottolenghi in Islington and The Vineyard, to name just a few.

His enjoyment of experimenting results in a spontaneous, rustic menu which is constantly changing – but the dedication to use the best and most interesting ingredients stays the same.

Ruben Leon-Acosta will be creating a Moroccan menu.

For more information see Pop-up Restaurant at Miserden, call (01285) 821303, or visit miserden.org/popup directly.

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Friday 05 January 2018

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