Monday 22 April 2019

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Read SoGlos gloucestershire health & beauty interviews with Gloucestershire experts, celebrities and personalities.

SoGlos found out why everyone needs to give Pilates a go this year.

Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga expert insight: Why you need to try Pilates this year

With two beautiful studios in town, Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga offers over 100 classes a week. Focussing specifically on Pilates,...

Cheltenham Pilates and Yoga offers its top tips on picking the perfect yoga class

Cheltenham Pilates and Yoga expert insight: Picking the perfect yoga class

If you need some help telling your Ashtanga from your Vinyasa, the team at Cheltenham Pilates and Yoga is here to help, with...

Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible for a mammogram.

Cobalt Health expert insight: Everything you need to know about mammograms

Armed with a handful of burning questions about what really is a mammogram, who is eligible for one and why is it crucial to...

Tom Berry gives SoGlos his tips on how to choose the ideal cut and colour

Blushes expert insight: How to pick the perfect hairstyle

Blushes hair director, Tom Berry, explains how his team has cracked the perfect style consultation so you can be sure to find...

Riverside Sports expert insight: All you need to know to improve your diet

Personal trainer Alex Avery shares his tips for reaching your fitness goals, and reveals how much difference a change to your...

Here’s how to tell if your child needs glasses.

Kodak Lens expert insight: How to know when your child needs an eye test

From funky children’s glasses to finding out whether using iPads and technology really does damage your eyesight, SoGlos...

Whisky tasting expert Jessica Earl tells us everything we need to know about whisky

Earl’s & Co expert insight: Everything you need to know about whisky

Whisky tasting expert Jessica Earl gives us the lowdown on how to pick the perfect whisky, even if you’ve never tried it before…...

Kerry Cornish from Tonic in Cheltenham is celebrating the salon’s fourth birthday

Tonic expert insight: What to look for in a beauty salon

SoGlos talks to Kerry Cornish, owner of Tonic salon in Cheltenham’s Suffolk Parade, revealing what sets her independent business...

Jo Fellows is amongst the experts sharing her expert knowledge at The Isbourne.

Interview with The Isbourne

If you’re an aspiring yogi or curious about mindfulness and meditation, then look no further as SoGlos chats to two of...

Find out more about Chronomics and its Cheltenham connections, in SoGlos’s interview.

Interview with health and wellbeing company Chronomics

Offering a new way to track health and wellbeing, SoGlos talks to former Cheltenham College student, Tom Stubbs, about Chronomics;...

SoGlos talks to Liz Earle ahead of her appearance at The Handmade Fair.

Interview with Liz Earle MBE

An ambassador for natural health, wellbeing and beauty, Liz Earle MBE is set to deliver an inspiring talk at The Handmade Fair...

We chat to Bam Life about where it all began.

Interview with Bam Life

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or looking for a tasty treat, Gloucestershire organic milk drink producer, Bam Life,...

Discover more about Cobalt charity in SoGlos’s interview with head of fundraising.

Interview with Cobalt's head of fundraising

SoGlos speaks to Cobalt’s head of fundraising, Julia Jenkins, about its important medical services, leading scanning...

Find out about Early Life Ultrasound Centre in Cheltenham, in SoGlos’s interview.

Interview with clinic manager and obstetric sonographer at Early Life Ultrasound Centre

Discover what independent Cheltenham clinic, Early Life Ultrasound Centre, can offer expecting parents in this interview with...

Get to know the team behind Cheltenham’s Ben Ryan Hair salon.

Interview with the team at Ben Ryan Hair

Ben Ryan Hair offers a bespoke hair salon experience in the Pittville area of Cheltenham, with SoGlos chatting to the team...

Get to know the team behind the award-winning Cheltenham salon, Laura Leigh.

Interview with the team at Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty

Get to know the team behind Cheltenham’s award-winning Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty, with our exclusive interview with its...

SoGlos discusses Summerhouse Training’s beauty courses in this insightful interview.

Interview with Summerhouse Training's students and teacher

Offering an insight into Summerhouse Training’s beauty courses, SoGlos speaks to three students and one of the experienced...

SoGlos speaks to Anna Dempsey about her upcoming Healthy Living Show this April.

Interview with Healthy Living Show’s Anna Dempsey

Boasting her own business emporium of high-end fashion, stylish interiors and luxury health products, Anna Dempsey speaks to...

Claydon Dental’s Dr Gareth Mcaleer chats to SoGlos about the Cheltenham practice.

Interview with Dr Gareth Mcaleer from Claydon Dental

From dental hygiene to cosmetic treatments, discover more about what Claydon Dental in Cheltenham can offer in our interview...

Cheltenham-based nutritionist Naomi Mead offers advice on leading a healthier lifestyle.

Interview with Naomi Mead from Food First

SoGlos chats to Food First nutritional therapist Naomi Mead about juicing, healthy fats, eating clean and saying no to fad...


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