Quiz: What is your gym personality?

Whether you're training for a marathon, pumping iron all day long, or have to be forced onto the treadmill, kicking and screaming, find out what your gym personality is, in SoGlos's fun quiz, sponsored by Xtreme CSC Cheltenham.

SoGlos is being spotted by Gloucestershire’s newest and best value gym, Xtreme CSC Cheltenham, with the chance for readers to discover their gym personalities in our fun quiz.

Whether you religiously workout, love discovering a new class or need someone to keep you motivated, find out what you really like about exercise and check out Xtreme CSC’s amazing gym facilities.

Said to be the best equipped gym in Cheltenham offering the largest free weights area in the county, visitors can find two floors dedicated to cardio and strength, with virtual reality treadmills, spin bikes, over 5,500kg of free weights, 80 pairs of dumbbells, a professional nightclub-quality sound system and much more.

For more information see Xtreme CSC Cheltenham, call (01242) 263327 or visit xtremecsc.com directly.

What's your gym personality?

Do you pump iron with a firm goal in mind or would Mr. Motivator have trouble getting you on a treadmill? Find out what your gym personality is, in SoGlos's fun quiz, sponsored by Cheltenham's newest and best value gym, Xtreme CSC.

Social sweater

You workout best when you're around other people, whether that's a gym class, a running group or personal training session. You love discussing what you've learnt in the gym and can't wait to try new things with your friends. Why not sign up to one of Gloucestershire's extreme runs and tackle it as a team. #SquadGoals

Routine trainer

The gym is simply a part of your life now. It's become such a part of your daily routine that you barely think about it any more and if you skip a gym day, you're bound to make up for it the next time you go. Check out SoGlos's competition to win a year's membership at Xtreme CSC and there'll be nothing stopping you from working out to your heart's content!

Reluctant gym bunny

You're a sporadic gym-goer, and often have to force yourself to go, but you know it will be all worth it when you get that happy, post-gym feeling. Why not check out Xtreme CSC's motivational and supportive personal trainer sessions to give yourself a boost.

Goal-focused gym buff

Whether you're training for a marathon, have a firm body goal in mind or are looking to lift double your weight, you're a self-motivated and driven gym-goer who barely misses a day. Check out Xtreme CSC's nutritional support and supplements to ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

Follower of fads

You LOVE a new fad. Yoga? You're a downward dog master! Zumba? You were all over it. Juicing? Been there, done that. What's next? You love discovering new things to do in the gym and can't wait to be the first to try it out, so why not check out SoGlos's latest fitness trends for your next venture.

Calm and collected

Whether you're finding your inner Zen in a yoga class, or taking a long run to de-stress, you know that a healthy body is a happy body and you take time to look after your mind as well as your muscles. Check out Xtreme CSC's sports massages, a great way to relieve stress and make sure your body is in tip-top shape.

When do you like to workout?

Every day

At an evening class

On the weekend

Whenever I can fit in in

What keeps you motivated throughout a workout?

The thought of losing a few pounds

Meeting my goals and beating my PB

The happy feeling after a good workout

Learning something new and getting better at it

Which of these classes appeals most to you?





What do you find is a good stress relief?

Going for a long run outdoors

An intense session at the gym

A peaceful yoga class

A fun and social exercise class

Pick a workout song

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk

The Final Countdown Europe

Porcelain Moby

Let's Go Calvin Harris

What fitness gear is a must-have?

Good trainers

A Fitbit

Yoga mat


Which of these would you most like to win?

A free year's gym membership

A free pass to a host of different exercise classes

A whole new workout wardrobe

A series of one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer

What do you consider a successful workout?

Leaving the gym sweaty and tired

Mastering something new that I can share with my friends

Feeling happy and relaxed afterwards

Beating my personal record

Who is your biggest fitness inspiration?

Chris Hemsworth

Mo Farrah

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Nicole Scherzinger

And finally, why do you exercise?

To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle

To get into shape and look good

Because I feel bad if I don't

I'm training for an event

What personality did you get? Will you be signing up to the gym any time soon? Let us know by tweeting @soglos and @xtremecsc.

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Friday 29 January 2016

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