Wednesday 20 February 2019

Blushes expert insight: How to pick the perfect hairstyle

Blushes hair director, Tom Berry, explains how his team has cracked the perfect style consultation so you can be sure to find the perfect new cut and colour.

Having shampooed Gerard Butler’s hair, and working as a stylist for Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh and model Daisy Lowe, Blushes Cheltenham’s hair director Tom Berry has certainly earned his stripes as a celebrity stylist.

Now based in Cheltenham after 13 years in the industry, Tom speaks to SoGlos about how he helps clients find the perfect new style, and thanks to Blushes’ new Hair ID consultations, explains how the salon’s customers always leave feeling fabulous.

Changing your style or colour can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve had a nightmare cut in the past! Where should people start if they’re planning a big change?

That’s one of the reasons we’ve launched our new Hair ID consultations. I suppose we were just aware that people sometimes have bad experiences at the hairdressers, and the whole point of the service we offer is to get you past those bad experiences, and trust that someone will actually really listen to you for once, and give you what you actually want.

Hair ID is something that we launched earlier in 2018, and it’s completely free. It’s basically a half-hour consultation, and in our busy lives you don’t really get the chance to just sit down and chat to someone for half an hour, do you?

And if all you want is a trim, then that’s fine! It’s also not a contract, you’re not entering into anything, so if you’re not keen on our ideas, you don’t have to have it done – we’re just there to offer our insight and help people feel great.

How would you describe the Hair ID process, and how is it different to a standard consultation?

Hair ID is a full-on consultation, basically you get the chance to sit down with your colourist and stylist and we’ll go through and work out the perfect colour for your skin tone, and talk about whether you want to go lighter, darker, what tones you want to work with, and how that changes through the seasons.

Then your stylist will talk you through your face shape, your body type, your hair texture and even eye colour, and help you decide on a perfect cut and style.

We also consider how that’ll fit into your lifestyle in terms of how much time you have to style and blow dry your hair on a daily basis, so we’re not giving you a look you can only achieve at the salon. We want people to feel great every day.

Hair ID has been running since July 2018, how have customers responded to this more in-depth consultation process?

It’s been amazing. From doing one or two hair IDs when we launched, there’s been so many word-of-mouth recommendations.

I think it’s something that the hair industry on a whole has always strived to do, but sometimes it can get a bit lost in translation. You get a lot of hairdressers out there, unfortunately, who just don’t care enough. Maybe that’s harsh to say, but they get stuck in a rut with their clients, and that’s an experience we wanted to turn on its head, really.

Every time you come in, you have a different outfit on, you might have a different handbag and different shoes, so your hair has to change too. Seasons change, trends change and the hair is the one accessory that you can’t take off – so it’s got to look good all the time.

That’s why we wanted to be able to sit down with people and take the time to go through it in such great detail with them every time they come in. Hair ID is more of an introduction to how life will be if you get your hair done with Blushes and you effectively get a Hair ID every time you come in.

What about customers who think they know exactly which style they want, when your team of stylists might have a different suggestion. Does the process still work then?

I was told on day one of my training that there’s not a woman in the world who knows exactly what she wants, but every woman in the world knows what she doesn’t want! So sometimes we tend to work down that route, we work out what someone definitely doesn’t want and then we can work backwards.

We use lots of pictures, so we’re always on Pinterest! We encourage people to bring pictures in. Everyone seems to think that hairdressers hate that, but actually we love it because it makes our lives a lot easier!

We also go through what’s realistic, and we’re honest if something isn’t going to work. Then somewhere along the line we’ll meet in the middle and hopefully they’ll leave happy!

So, what’s the next big innovation for Blushes?

Well, we’ve actually just launched the lunchtime lift, which is for highlights. L’Oréal has recently come out with an instant highlighter. It’s a lightening product which you put into a foil and use what is effectively a straightening iron to heat the hair and lift it quickly.

The idea is that you can get a balayage or an ombre look done within your lunch hour. The developing time is much, much quicker, as is the application process. So, you can be in an out of the salon even quicker!

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Thursday 15 November 2018

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