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10 hair problems solved by Ben Ryan Hair

Whether you're after smooth silky hair, want that salon look at home, or just want your fresh new colour to last that little bit longer, SoGlos has teamed up with Cheltenham salon, Ben Ryan Hair, to solve the most common hair problems.

Forget split ends, drab hair and no volume, thanks to Ben Ryan Hair who has teamed up with SoGlos to solve 10 of the biggest hair problems in this sponsored hot list.

If you’re guilty of frizzy, flat or faded hair, then the talented team at Ben Ryan has the answers below.

About the sponsor – Ben Ryan Hair

Ben Ryan Hair is a professional salon on Cheltenham’s Prestbury Road. Featuring a team of expert stylists and colourists, the salon is headed up by owner Ben Ryan himself.

With the ethos that no two heads are the same, Ben Ryan Hair works with clients to find a style and colour that suits them and their lifestyle. As well as expert hair styling and colouring, Ben Ryan Hair uses renewable energy in the salon, washes its towels on a cool wash and even serves up responsibly-sourced coffee.

To find out more or to book an appointment, visit directly.

1. What’s the secret to long healthy-looking hair, without split ends?

Lauren: Make sure your hair is getting a regular trim. We recommend every six to eight weeks. Using a professional moisturising shampoo and conditioner from a salon will keep your hair hydrated whilst it’s growing. Some supermarket shampoos contain unwanted chemicals such as sulphates that you don’t want to be putting on your hair.
Heated appliances will make your hair look lovely, but use a heat protection spray before to decrease the chances of any damage to your hair.

2. How can you prevent thick and heavy hair from looking flat?

Ben: Having thick hair is lovely but can also be a struggle especially with it lying flat. To give it some body, I would blow dry your hair using a mousse or volume spray for the roots and use rollers through the top section of your hair. Leave these in for 10 minutes, as you take each roller out, slightly backcomb to hold it in place and use some hairspray to finish.

3. How can you deal with frizzy hair?

Lauren: Having frizzy hair is one big nightmare, especially when the weather is warm and you feel like a poodle by the end of the day! I recommend using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner especially for really thick frizzy hair. If you’re blow drying or even leaving it to dry naturally, I would always use an anti-frizz or a smoothing cream to maintain the hair.

4.What solutions are there for flat and boring hair?

Hollie: There are a few solutions to flat hair. To create more volume, use a product like a mousse or texture spray. This will give you hair the hold it needs to stop it falling flat. If your hair is one length, book in for a haircut to add some layers to give it extra texture and movement.

5. How can you create volume without putting lots of products in your hair?

Lauren: Volume can’t always be created without the use of products but there are products that aren’t as heavy on the hair, such as a texture spray. This is a product that you can build up, it gives you hold but isn’t as strong as a hairspray.

Blow drying your hair with a large round brush at the root will help create volume and teasing and backcombing will also help.

6. How can you make freshly dyed blonde hair last?

Sammie: Keeping blonde looking icy or ashy can be hard. The toner that is used will eventually fade. By using a silver/blue shampoo once a week, it will help maintain the colour looking fresh as it neutralises any warmth to the hair, making it look cool and icy. Also using a colour protection shampoo and conditioner will help the colour from fading so quickly.

7. How often should you wash your hair?

Ben: If your hair gets greasy every day you might be using a shampoo and conditioner that is too heavy, leaving it looking and feeling oily. Using a light-weight oil-balancing shampoo will help. Leaving lengthier periods of time between hair washing will also help your hair get back to its natural state. Washing your hair two to three times a week is about right, depending on your hair type.

8. What can you do to prevent hair breakage?

Lauren: There are certain things you can do to prevent hair breakage, but it varies depending on why your hair is breaking.
For instance, if your body is lacking essential minerals this can cause breakage. A healthy diet, decent shampoo and conditioner (advised by your stylist), and heat protection can really help.
When washing your hair, it’s always beneficial to towel dry your hair before you condition, just to remove the excess water and ensure your hair gets the full penetration of the conditioner.

9. Do supplements make your hair healthier?

Lauren: Yes, some supplements can, although they generally only really work if your body is lacking something. Iron, B12 and Vitamin D are the three that generally people lack. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet always helps too.

10. How often should you get your hair cut?

Ben: As hairdressers, we tend to recommend six weeks as a guide, but depending on hair length and shape, it can vary.
If you have short hair it can be as early as three weeks, equally if you have long hair, you could go up to10 weeks between haircuts. But to maintain healthy hair and keep it in shape, you shouldn’t really exceed 10 weeks.

To find out more about how Ben Ryan Hair can transform your hair, see Ben Ryan Hair, call (01242) 352804, or visit directly.

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