Sunday 19 January 2020

Ben Ryan Hair expert insight: How to create amazing occasion hair

Got a wedding or big occasion coming up and want to nail your hair do? We spoke to expert stylist, Lauren, from Ben Ryan Hair about how you can create amazing occasion hair.

If you want the best hair in the room, then look no further as SoGlos find out all the tips and hints from updo specialist Lauren from Ben Ryan Hair in this expert insight.

About the expert – Lauren from Ben Ryan Hair

Ben Ryan Hair is a hair salon in Cheltenham offering a bespoke service where hair is cut, coloured and crafted to work for each and every client.

Hairdresser, stylist and updo specialist, Lauren from Ben Ryan Hair, has a wealth of experience. Competing in multiple hair up competitions, styling hair at London Fashion Week and training under a leading academy.

Offering everything from hair updos costing from £37.50 to wedding hair trials and on-the-day styling, Ben Ryan Hair expertly crafts both occasion hair and everyday styles.

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How should someone go about choosing an occasion hair style?

It really depends on what the occasion is. I always take into account a client’s outfit. I did a lot of prom hair back in the summer and I always asked to see a photo of their dress. Sometimes if you’ve got a dress with a nice low back, you’ll really want to show that off so it’s best to have your hair up.

Seasons also make a difference. For example, in the summer, you might want something more wavy and relaxed. For Christmas parties or balls, you might want your hair up in something a bit sleeker. I always get clients to have a look at what they want – Pinterest is always good for ideas.

Are there any updos which are easier to create than others?

I find a simple bun an easy one to do because you can always work around it. If you want a plait, you can always add that in. Simple things like buns, plaits, ponytails and half up half down are all quite simple to achieve.

What hair condition is best for creating an up do or occasion hair?

I prefer to work with hair that has been washed the day before. Hair that has been washed the day before has a lot more grip, but you can also use products to help with that.

What products are best for prepping the hair or keeping it in place?

One of my favourite products is a volume mousse. I always prep the hair and add mousse in when it’s wet and blast that through. The mousse gives you a lot more grip and hold with the hair, especially if you want it to be quite curly or messy.

If there’s not a lot of product in the hair, the style isn’t going to hold in place. Another key product is hair spray to really set the style in place. Another tip is that once you’ve put a lot of product in the hair it can look quite matte, using a shine mist makes it all look a bit more glamorous.

How can you create volume with an updo?

Product is the key. You can use a volume spray for fine hair because you don’t want the hair to look sticky and heavy. I’d recommend washing the hair the day before and blow-drying the hair with a big round brush to work some volume spray through it.

Another great tip is to back comb or tease the hair slightly which helps to keep it in place. Even if you want the slightest bit of volume, back combing is really easy to do at home.

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