Gloucestershire property insight with Charles Lear: April 2018

It’s been a long time coming, but Spring has finally sprung in Gloucestershire, prompting hundreds of homeowners to spruce up their homes in time for the ‘Spring rush’. Charles Lear director, Tom Hatcher shares his specialist insight into the local housing market, with tips on how best to prepare your home for a sale in Spring.

Hundreds of stunning Gloucestershire properties will be displaying ‘for sale’ signs this month, as April puts a spring in the step of sellers across the county.

Traditionally, Spring is regarded as the best time to sell your home, mainly because buyers are less distracted by family Summer holidays or Christmas commitments. Property owners also benefit from longer daylight hours to show off gardens in bloom, and bright, airy spaces, drenched in natural light.

With many homeowners making the decision to put their property on the market at around the same time, there are many ways to help improve your property’s chances of standing out from the crowd.

Gloucestershire property expert Tom Hatcher has been director of prestigious Cheltenham estate agent Charles Lear, since 2014 and knows the local property market inside out. Writing for SoGlos, Tom offers his expert advice on how to get the best results if you’re selling this Spring.

Finding the right agent

Agents will be fighting for your business during this busy Spring period. Sometimes, agents will be optimistic when valuing your home in the hope of convincing you to list your property with them.

Remember that your agent works for you, and it’s wise to get a number of valuations before choosing who to commit to. Research how each agent markets their properties online. Are their descriptions clear and well-written? Are the photos beautifully shot? Choose an agent that will present your property at its best, and don’t forget how important property photos can be – potential buyers can make a judgement within 3 seconds. Don’t give them reason to swipe past your property.

Have realistic expectations

According to the latest figures from Rightmove, the price of newly marketed properties has risen by 1.5 per cent between February and March 2018. That’s a huge average increase of £4,503, over just 30 days.

Checking out the competition will help you decide if your valuations are realistic. If the market is saturated with similar properties within the same price bracket, consider what more you could do to make yours stand out.

Try not to be offended by constructive criticism from agents, they’re trying to help you make the most of your space and could highlight a small change which will make a big difference.

Also, it’s worth remembering that the asking price isn’t necessarily the sale price, so don’t be disheartened if your home wasn’t valued as highly as you’d expected. Some more expensive properties might take more of a hit in the negotiation stage than a sensibly priced house which sells quickly.

Presentation is everything

While Spring is a busy time in the housing market, it’s not worth rushing to sell if your property isn’t looking its best.

According to research from Rightmove, it takes 60 days on average, for a home in the South West to sell, but at this time of the year, you’ll be up against some fierce competition. So, if your house isn’t looking at its best, don’t be put off by those odd jobs any longer. In order to achieve the best results your property must be in the best possible shape.

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Thursday 19 April 2018

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