11 enviable kitchen trends that’ll be big this year

From industrial concrete through to glittery unicorn kitchens, there’s a look you’ll love in our latest hot list of 11 enviable kitchen trends for 2018.

It’s called the heart of the home for a reason. Kitchens are gathering places; we drink, we cook and share stories around the table. So, it’s only natural for us to want our busiest room to feel as stylish as it does functional.

SoGlos has been working with Vale Kitchens to come up with 11 of the most enviable kitchen trends for 2018. So, if your kitchen is looking a bit tired, perhaps this is the inspiration you’ll need to bring it up to date.

For more information about Vale Kitchens, visit thevalegroup.com directly.

1. Industrial materials

Industrial finishes such as polished concrete (or more ‘kitchen-friendly’ materials that give the impression of concrete) are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. Manufacturers and designers are introducing this expensive concrete finish into walls, floors and worktops.

The finish is achieved when concrete is mechanically ground down and mixed with a chemical hardener to create a shiny, dust-proof surface.

2. Bringing the outside in

As the trend for creating garden rooms has seen homeowners taking indoor furniture outside, it’s now time to bring the garden into the kitchen!

Introducing more greenery can breathe new life into a dull looking shelf or corner, and teamed with skylights, bi-fold or steel Crittall doors, the look can create a stronger flow between the inside and out.

It’s the perfect way to make your garden an extension of your home.

3. Integrated sinks

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While a traditional Belfast sink is a mainstay of the country-style kitchen, more contemporary designs will love the more modern integral sink.

Often constructed from concrete, marble or stone, these built-in sinks are crafted from one piece of material, creating a luxurious blend between basin and worktop.

4. Scandinavian open shelving

Perfect for those seeking a minimalist, simple kitchen, open shelves can help to create a Scandinavian vibe in your kitchen. Team quirky items with everyday essentials to make an eclectic collection for your guests to enjoy, with easy access while cooking.

But be warned, this look isn’t great for those with lots of kitchen equipment to store!

5. The unicorn kitchen

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This unique trend doesn’t have to be tacky. Using glitter paint teamed with pastel accessories, against clean white gloss kitchens, designers are able to create a look that’s as sweet as candy.

With manufacturers getting on board with this trend, there’s even unicorn-style crockery available to take your theme through to the kitchen table – perfect for brightening up dark or small kitchens.

6. Statement doors

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Why pick just one kitchen cupboard door when you can pick two? This trend sees designers combining different door colours and styles to create a statement look.

7. Metallics and Copper

Accessorising with mixed metals is a way of adding a hint of the industrial trend to your kitchen, without the need for a complete renovation.

Adding scaffolding-style shelving, pipework brackets and copper accessories can really transform the feel of a kitchen giving it a modern, brewery-style vibe, without breaking the bank.

8. A pop of colour

Homeowners are getting more creative when it comes to colour, especially with bright yellows and deep blues.

Colour doesn’t even have to be limited to the walls, with many designers teaming colour with the statement doors trend, or even including coloured oven fronts or splash backs.

9. Futuristic kitchens

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If your family is busier than ever, it’s time to take advantage of time-saving tech in the kitchen; the next big trend for 2018.

Gadgets such as boiling water taps, integral appliance controls, down-draft extractor fans and pop-up charging sockets, are all paving the way towards more futuristic kitchens.

10. Mixing handle styles

In the past we’ve seen trends for both the sleek, handle-less gloss kitchen, as well as statement copper and steel handles, which work perfectly in an industrial kitchen. But now, designers have a new tool in their arsenal – handle-less shaker doors.

Kitchen company Mackintosh have just brought out the Savoy doors, available from Vale, which perfectly combine traditional shaker style, with the sleek smooth lines in a handle-less kitchen.

11. Clear as glass

Glass continues to be a popular finish in kitchens, with many more textured and pattered glasses now available.

Often used in combination with the ‘pop of colour’ trend to create a functional feature splash back; bring optimal light into an otherwise dark space; or even to add separation between large open plan spaces, there’s no end to the benefits that glass can add to an expertly designed kitchen.

By Melissa Hamblett

© SoGlos
Tuesday 05 June 2018

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