11 ways to achieve the best price for your Gloucestershire property

From professional photography to targeting passive buyers, discover 11 ways to get the best price for your home, according to Gloucestershire-based estate agents Perry Bishop.

If spending the better part of the last year indoors has got you dreaming of buying a new home, you might need to sell your current property for a great price first.

With helpful tips on photography, marketing and negotiation, Gloucestershire estate agents Perry Bishop shares its insider tips to help property sellers achieve the best possible price for their Gloucestershire homes.

About the sponsor – Perry Bishop

Gloucestershire estate agency, Perry Bishop, offers award-winning customer service, excellent local knowledge and an impressive marketing strategy – including professional photography as standard.

It has devised an 11-point plan to helped property sellers achieve sale prices of around £8,000 more than the national average.

For more information, visit perrybishop.co.uk.

1. Agree a marketing price

A marketing or guide price is intended to attract more interest in your property. It’s best to go for a round figure, as this will help your home appear in more searches – so a marketing price of offers in excess of £500,000 will mean your listing appears in searches for properties up to £500,000 and also searches for properties priced upwards from this figure too.

But it’s also important that the marketing price isn’t too high or too low compared to the price you actually want to achieve.

2. Make an amazing first impression

It’s very rare to find an estate agent that’s also a professional photographer, so if you want your home to make an incredible first impression on potential buyers, make sure you’ve got a pro on hand. A professional photographer will ensure your property looks its very best by creating lifestyle images of your home with proper lighting and the best camera angles. Aerial and drone photography of the exterior is also a great idea.

The property description is key too. Buyers want to know the benefits of living at the property, not just the features – so they can envision what life would be like to live there.

3. Create a launch strategy

The first few weeks after your property is launched onto the market are the most important – with 64 per cent of interest in a property coming within the first two weeks of marketing it. As well as getting your property looking amazing online and in your property brochure, promoting it in the right places and at the right time will help maximise interest and viewings.

An open house event is a great way to launch your property, with the estate agent conducting a block of viewings on a specific day to potentially create competition between buyers. Perry Bishop recommends hosting your open house on a Saturday, with your property launch happening at least a week ahead of the open house – ideally on a Thursday, as this is the busiest day for property searches.

4. List your home on property portals

Alongside your property being listed on your estate agent’s website, it’s essential to have a presence on the major property portals – Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket.

Perry Bishop will also list your property on additional portals such as Prime Location, to get your listing seen by the widest possible audience.

5. Consider passive buyers

Active buyers are people who are currently searching for a new property, but passive buyers can be just as important. Passive buyers aren’t actively looking to buy a new home, but if they spot a property that they love the look of, or one that’s in a location they’d like to live in, they could be persuaded.

For sale boards are an excellent way to attract passive buyers in your immediate vicinity, but for passive buyers from further afield, a targeted Facebook advertising campaign with a short video about your property is a great way to catch their eye.

6. Keep an eye on your click through rate

Property listings need to achieve a click through rate of between 6 and 10 per cent, but with the number of interested buyers dropping by around half after two weeks from your property launch, it’s important to keep your listing fresh to attract new interest.

An easy way to refresh your listing is to rotate the photos featured online. This helps to keep click throughs up and helps potential buyers develop an emotional connection to your home, as they see rooms they love and imagine themselves living there.

7. Make sure your agent responds to enquiries

If you’ve nailed your marketing campaign, the next step is to make sure your estate agent keeps on top of all the enquiries your property receives.

Perry Bishop provides sellers with their own online property marketing dashboard, so they can see key information such as website traffic, viewings pending and a summary of viewing feedback instantly, at any time of day or night.

8. Conduct viewings with the buyer in mind

It’s a common misconception that it’s best for the property owner to conduct viewings, but often it can be more beneficial for the agent to do this, especially on a first viewing. The first time a potential buyer sees a property, they’re more likely to have an emotional reaction – but it’s about how they feel about the property, rather than how the current owner feels about it. Buyers are more likely to be honest if they’re not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings too.

If the buyer then comes for a second viewing, this is when it’s helpful to have the owner around, to answer any questions about the property that the agent might not know. Interested buyers often like to meet the seller at this stage of the process too.

9. Listen to feedback

With it usually taking around 10 viewings to secure a buyer for your property, getting honest feedback from the other people who saw your home and chose not to put in an offer can be invaluable in securing a sale – even if it’s tough to hear.

10. Review your strategy after three to four weeks

If your property has been on the market for three to four weeks without receiving any offers, it’s time to sit down with your estate agent to review your marketing strategy.

Nobody wants their property sat on the market, hoping that a sensible offer will come along eventually. As well as assessing your current marketing campaign and taking on board feedback from viewings, look at similar properties which have sold during the same period to see what you can learn.

11. Negotiate like a pro

When you do get an offer – or multiple offers – for your property, how you negotiate is crucial. If a buyer has put in an offer, it’s clear that they’ve formed an attachment to your property and want to buy it, so even if the offer is too low, it’s important not to take offence and to try to think rationally.

While research shows that the best offers usually come in the first stages of marketing, it’s rarely advisable to accept the first offer you receive. Make sure to establish your objectives and theirs, decide what you’re willing to compromise on and always aim for a win/win outcome where both parties are happy.

And remember, price isn’t the only thing that can be negotiated – consider things like timescales, fixtures and fittings. Even furniture like cookers, fridge freezers or dishwashers could be useful bargaining tools.

For more information about Perry Bishop, visit perrybishop.co.uk.

By Chloe Gorman

© SoGlos
Wednesday 28 April 2021

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