7 things you can get fixed at a repair café in Gloucestershire

From phone screens to teddy bears, repair cafés across Gloucestershire are helping people to mend their broken items for free – with SoGlos handpicking 7 items you can get repaired, instead of throwing away.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Repair cafés will be taking place at locations across Gloucestershire, including Cirencester, Newent, Cheltenham and more.
Repair cafés will be taking place at locations across Gloucestershire, including Cirencester, Newent, Cheltenham and more.
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Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council administers strategic decisions and services across the south west region to benefit the community. Now in 2022, the council is encouraging locals to take a more sustainable approach to everyday life, with its volunteer-led repair café initiative helping people to fix their damaged or worn goods so they don’t need to be thrown away.

Encouraging a more sustainable society, repair cafés were initially set up across Gloucestershire over five years ago to reduce the amount we throw away. And with the chance for locals to get their household items fixed for free – or for a small cost towards materials – SoGlos has handpicked 7 items that can be mended at one of the new pop-ups.

Most repair cafés are available on a walk-in basis, so there’s no need to book online – just pop along to locations such as Yorkley, Stroud and Tewkesbury to get your goods fixed.

Get your bike fixed in Gloucestershire

Whether you have a flat tyre or the brakes could do with looking at, there’s a chance to bring your bike along to one of Gloucestershire’s repair cafés and learn some new skills, such as how to repair a puncture or replace a snapped chain yourself.

Get your toaster fixed in Gloucestershire

If your toaster has stopped toasting, depending on the availability of replacement parts, there will probably be someone who can help with that at a Gloucestershire repair café – for rounds of buttery toast and crumpets galore!

Get your vacuum fixed in Gloucestershire

From batteries that won’t charge to poor suction, there are many reasons why vacuum cleaners stop working – but it might not spell the end of the road for your machine. The volunteers at a repair café will be able to investigate the problem and suggest a solution that could save you a small fortune.

Get your radio fixed in Gloucestershire

The seasoned experts at the county’s repair cafés will be able to offer their sage wisdom to sort out a host of radio problems, from jammed buttons to frequency issues. Cue the kitchen dancing…

Get your stuffed toys fixed in Gloucestershire

If your favourite teddy bear has seen better days, a repair café may be able help with this – from topping up stuffing to repairing seam stitches, soft toys can be renewed back to their former glory.

Get your phones fixed in Gloucestershire

From smashed screens to handsets that have accidentally been submerged in water, the tech-savvy volunteer menders at one of Gloucestershire’s repair cafés will try to give broken phones a new lease of life.

Get your printer fixed in Gloucestershire

Printers can be frustrating as they’re easy to break but confusing to fix. At a repair café, a volunteer will be able to analyse the issue and try their best to mend the fault, while also passing on some valuable skills during the session.

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