Cotswold Clubhouse review: Much more than just soft play

Providing the ideal antidote to a rainy day, Cotswold Clubhouse has launched a brand new session opening both its gymnasium and soft play facility.


Open Clubhouse

Cotswold Clubhouse has launched a range of new Open Clubhouse sessions. The venue is split into two sections, offering a multi-level soft play area and a dedicated gymnastics gymnasium that’s also home to the North Cotswolds Gymnastics and Trampolining Academy. During Open Clubhouse sessions both parts of Cotswolds Clubhouse are open for children to enjoy, and for the same entrance price as soft play alone, where prices start at £1.50.

Invited along with my energetic three-year-old, the venue very quickly proved to be a sanctuary for youngsters with boundless energy, allowing them to freely use the gymnasium’s soft obstacle course, rails, beams, bouncy castle, hula hoops, rope swing, and trampoline. This free play element and ability to swap between both gymnasium and soft play was fantastic, offering the chance to enjoy gymnastic equipment in a less structured environment than a gym class.

That said, the venue also runs Gymtots lessons led by Cotswold Clubhouse’s friendly team of coaches. These are ideal for children who enjoy structured classes, and allowed youngsters access to tutored trampoline bouncing, and the chance to swing on the high bar with assistance.

Soft play heaven

The deceptively large soft play structure has a woodland theme and covers three levels, sitting adjacent to the venue’s charming café. Alongside the large slide, tunnels and obstacles you might expect at soft play, Cotswold Clubhouse also benefits from a dedicated space for under threes with its own sensory light area; a reading nook adorned with shelves full of stories and comfy beanbags; and a digital screen in the floor where youngsters can feel like they’re swimming with sharks and getting up-close to the creatures of the deep.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing was the level of cleanliness at the Cotswold Clubhouse. Families are all asked to remove their shoes at reception, meaning there’s no accidental muddy shoes anywhere near the play equipment. After more than two hours in the multi-level play centre, my son’s socks were devoid of their usual black soles, which was a reassuringly pleasant surprise! While the venue is still relatively new, having only opened in 2018, it’s clearly managed and maintained with care –offering a fresh and spotless space for children to play, which feels hygienic without being clinical.

Clubhouse Café

After a couple of hours bouncing, running, climbing and sliding, we settled down in the bright and inviting Clubhouse Café. Specialising in championing local suppliers, the venue serves up a range of hot and cold meals with brands including Bensons juices, Billy’s Woodland Eggs and Dolcetti ice cream.

Opting for a tasty baguette filled with ham and cheese, and a smaller ham sandwich meal for my toddler, we excitedly tucked into our lunches after working up quite an appetite! Both meals were presented beautifully, with a garnished salad and hand-cooked chips accompanying my generously filled baguette, and vegetable sticks and crisps on the other.

Of course, the real starring attraction of any soft play is quality coffee – and to my relief, Cotswold Clubhouse didn’t disappoint! My latte was creamy and kicked a real caffeine punch.

SoGlos loves

Keen to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy soft play and gymnastics, Cotswold Clubhouse has launched a new range of sessions, especially for those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

The sessions are available on set dates throughout the month when the clubhouse will be closed to the public, ensuring that youngsters with additional needs don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Open Clubhouse sessions are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; and also, on Sundays during school holidays – meaning there’s plenty of sessions on offer for children who love to climb, stretch, jump and explore.

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