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Interview with Lucy Whitehead, owner of One Grove

Promising to provide ‘profound results’ to those who come through its doors, SoGlos catches up with the owner of Cheltenham Pilates studio One Grove, and finds out why it’s like no other class you’ve ever tried before…

Whether you’re trying to relieve back pain or sculpt a bum like Pippa Middleton, the team at One Grove Pilates studio in Cheltenham promises to provide ‘intelligent exercise’ with ‘profound results.’

Specialising in Pilates equipment, mat and barre classes, and even private sessions for those rehabilitating after an illness or injury; this Cheltenham studio has something to suit every ability.

SoGlos caught up with One Grove’s studio owner, Lucy Whitehead, to find out
why her classes are so different to the Pilates you might have experienced at the gym.

What is One Grove?

One Grove is a specialised Pilates mat and equipment fitness studio, next to Waitrose in Cheltenham. We educate people about their bodies at the same time as providing a sophisticated workout.

Our mantra is ‘Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results’ and that’s exactly what we offer. We also teach barre classes and yoga with the same academic approach.

Who are your classes designed for?

A third of our private clients are older men who are either rehabilitating after low back pain or shoulder, hip and foot injuries, or men looking for athletic gain.

We also have lots of sprightly 80-year-olds attending One Grove too. They put a lot of us to shame with their flexible movement and strong bones! Think along the lines of Jane Fonda, who’s a huge Pilates equipment fan and in gorgeous shape. We have the Cheltenham equivalents!

Are there any famous people who’ve taken on your methods?

Meghan Markle has been snapped on the Pilates equipment since announcing her engagement. Pippa Middleton also got her famous derriere by using our machines, but you needn’t be a princess-in-waiting to visit…

As for barre, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Natalie Portman and a host of other beauties get their fitness kicks from barre classes.

Kelly Osborne also credits the method for helping her slim down, there are even vintage shots of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot doing barre classes!

How can athletes or sports teams benefit from your classes?

Athletes worldwide use Pilates equipment to better their sports performance. Andy Murray became world number one after he took up Pilates. Although I think if he’d started Pilates earlier, then he might have spared his hip! It’s all that endless running around on hard surfaces that our bodies don’t particularly like.

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What makes One Grove classes different from a standard Pilates class?

We generally work on a one-to-one basis with clients to begin with, because that’s the most effective way to train on the equipment and learn new neuro-muscular patterning.

You may only need one session though, before you can join our small group equipment classes. They’re capped at four people, so everyone always gets in-depth individual attention.

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Talk us through the type of exercises we might encounter in your classes?

You may only know Pilates as a workout on mats but that’s less than ten per cent of what we teach. To fully experience optimal movement, you will use the Pilates equipment, which is a system of springs, pulleys, boxes and barrels. It works by challenging your core control in every possible plane.

Saying that, we run Pilates mat classes, too. But being versed in the whole field of movement, you will find that no class is ever the same.

Don’t think Pilates is boring! If you have found it repetitive, try it with us – you’ll be surprised at how much we make you do!

What are your prices like, and can people become members?

There’s no termly fixed schedule at One Grove. You pay for the classes you use when you use them – and you get to choose whichever class you wish on the timetable.

Buying a block purchase is cheaper than buying classes individually, of course. Our mat classes start at £10 each and our four-person equipment classes at £21.

If you have no experience but can only afford the mat classes, that’s no problem either. We’d be happy to advise you which classes to start with.

For more information see One Grove, call (01242) 255111 or visit directly.

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Monday 23 April 2018

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