Wednesday 19 February 2020

Interview with singer Antony Costa

From singing the hip hop beats in boyband, Blue, to performing in a 60s rock 'n' roll musical, SoGlos chats to singer and actor, Antony Costa, ahead of his starring role in Save the Last Dance for Me at Everyman Theatre.

From starring in one of the biggest boybands of the noughties to performing rock ‘n’ roll hits in the feel-good show, Save the Last Dance for Me, Antony Costa’s musical career shows no signs of slowing down.

Ahead of his upcoming performance at Everyman Theatre, SoGlos chats to the Blue star about what audiences can expect from the fun-filled show, his close friendship with his old band members, and not forgetting his birthday celebrations in Cheltenham!

First things first, have you been to Cheltenham before?

I might have back in the day, but not that I remember. I’m really looking forward to visiting though. It’s actually my birthday while I’m here – Thursday 23 June 2016 – so I’ll be celebrating in some bars no doubt. If anyone wants to bring cake or cards along for me, that’d be great too!

We’ll be sure to send a card to the Everyman for you! Can you tell us about your role in Save the Last Dance for Me?

Well it’s about two sisters who are on holiday and meet these two American army guys – one of which I play. They go to a local dance together and sort of fall in love. It’s set in the 60s, so there’s an element of an interracial relationship, which wasn’t widely accepted back then, and therefore keeps the audience guessing throughout in a ‘will they, won’t they’ kind of way.

It’s packed with great songs and is loads of fun to both watch and perform. ‘Viva Las Vegas’ is probably my favourite song to perform in the show.

Interview with Antony Costa

What drew you to musicals, and what do you enjoy about them?

I love challenging myself and playing different roles. Touring the country is great because you get to perform to different audiences every night and you receive different reactions – although in Save the Last Dance for Me, everyone always gets up for the last dance.

Do you have an all-time favourite musical?

Blood Brothers! I was fortunate enough to perform in this before. It was a Bill Kenwright production too, as is Save the Last Dance for Me.

Is it good to be working with Bill Kenwright again?

Absolutely. I owe a lot to him. I am by no means a polished act, but he saw some raw talent in me, so it’s a real pleasure to be working with him again.

Are there any other shows which you’d love to perform in?

Jersey Boys and The Commitments would be great, but I’d love to do a serious play, like one of those whodunit plays. It’s something totally different and something I’m not known for, so yeah, I’d love to do an Agatha Christie play or something similar.

Many people will know you from boyband, Blue, what would you say are the differences between a concert tour and a theatre tour?

Well, when you’re touring with a band, 90 per cent of the audience are there to see you, but in a play, people aren’t there to see you, they’re there to see they show, which I love! The whole team works so hard for a production, on stage and backstage, so I love being a part of that team.

And are you still in touch with the other members of Blue?

Oh yes! We speak all the time. We’re all busy working now, but we’re still best of friends.

I'm super excited to come to Cheltenham and celebrate my birthday week here, so remember, cards and cakes please!

And are there any plans to collaborate again?

Well we’ve got a couple of live shows this summer, and maybe something next year… who knows.

What was your most memorable moment on stage during your career in Blue?

Performing with Sir Tom Jones at the Queen’s Jubilee. It was just amazing.

And what about as an actor?

That’s difficult, because in a play it’s harder to get to the audience, unless it’s a pantomime – of which I have done many! A most recent memory was probably last week when our mics stopped mid show. There was a kind of ‘oh no’ moment, but the audience laughed and it was quite funny.

And finally, what can Gloucestershire locals look forward to from your upcoming performance in Save the Last Dance for Me?

A massively fun-filled show and loads of nostalgia! I’m super excited to come to Cheltenham and celebrate my birthday week here, so remember, cards and cakes please!

Save the Last Dance for Me will be at Everyman Theatre from Monday 20 to Saturday 25 June 2016. For more information see Save the Last Dance for Me musical, call Everyman Theatre on (01242) 572573, email or visit directly.

By Alice Lloyd

© SoGlos
Thursday 02 June 2016

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