Friday 20 September 2019

Interview with Dr Haze from the Circus of Horrors

Returning to Cheltenham with even more spectacular stunts, creepy acts and hilarious quips, SoGlos chatted to founder of the Circus of Horrors, Dr John Haze, about what we can expect from the thrilling show.

Set to have audiences on the edge of their seats, the eagerly-awaited Circus of Horrors will be bringing its award-winning show to Cheltenham Town Hall on Saturday 20 January 2018.

Fusing together rock n roll and spectacular stunts, SoGlos chatted to founder and lead front man, Dr John Haze about what we can expect from potentially the most thrilling show in the county.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Circus of Horrors?

The Circus of Horrors is an alternative rock ‘n’ roll circus; it combines dare devil circus stunts with bizarre acts and rock music, and is performed with a forked tongue that’s firmly in cheek.

We have been running the circus for over 22 years, starting in Glastonbury in 1995.

What sorts of acts will we see at the show?

There are amazing acts from all over the world, such as sword swallowers who swallow everything from the leg of a chair to a lit neon tube.

There’s also an amazing contortionist who can twist his body in two, fantastic acrobats, sinister sister aerialists, a knife thrower, strong man and lots, lots more.

How long have you been involved in the circus?

I created the Circus of Horrors and was in the first show 22 years ago along with every show since. I was born and bred in Circus but left when I was 20 to join a rock band. A few years later, I found a way of combining all of my passions: horror, rock and circus.

How do you select the acts in The Circus of Horrors?

This year’s show is called Voodoo, so I selected acts to fit. I wanted to do something a bit different this year so I recruited some amazing acrobats and a contortionist to fit the theme.

I was contacted by a female knife thrower and as this year is the anniversary of the Suffragette, I thought it was a good idea to have a woman throwing a knife around a man rather than the other way which is traditional. In addition, we also have a female hair hanger and all of our aerialists are women this year.

What’s your favourite act in the Circus of Horrors?

That’s hard because I love them all and think it’s as good as any West End show. The music and band are great, a total spectacular which will keep everyone on the edge of their seat when they’re not falling of it with laughter.

Finally, are there any things we should prepare ourselves for before seeing the show?

Be prepared to have the time of your life, it’s not for the faint-hearted but you will simply die laughing!

For more information, see Circus of Horrors.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlos
Monday 15 January 2018

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