Gloucestershire business listing guidelines

Find out how SoGlos’s journalists choose which venue listings to include on the most influential guide to Gloucestershire

The Internet is home to more than its fair share of directories – listing everything from butchers and bakers to candlestick makers – but SoGlos is decidedly different.

On SoGlos a carefully-selected directory of Gloucestershire arts, entertainment and leisure venues is included to work in harmony with the online magazine’s editorial articles – helping to create the best possible resource for readers looking to make the most of their free time, and disposable income, in the county.

So while we warmly welcome venue listing requests of all shapes and sizes, these guidelines have been established to help you understand what SoGlos’s journalists are looking for when deciding which venues will make the cut.

To be considered for a listing on SoGlos, venues must:

  • Be based in Gloucestershire, within the GL postcode area.

  • Be open to members of the public.

  • Be arts, entertainment or leisure related (butchers, bakers and candlestick makers are not suitable for inclusion).

  • Have a fixed, permanent address (mobile businesses are not suitable for inclusion).

  • Be based in the real world (virtual venues are not suitable for inclusion).

Additional guidelines:

  • Venue information and pictures supplied to SoGlos must not infringe any copyright.

  • Venue descriptions will always be written by SoGlos.

  • All venue listings are at the discretion of SoGlos.

Guidelines specific to enhanced venue listings:

  • SoGlos will always aim to approve enhanced venue listing requests within 48 hours, but this may not be possible during peak times.

  • Venue pictures supplied must be of a good quality – to be determined by SoGlos – and relevant to the respective venue (logos are not suitable for inclusion).

  • Enhanced venue listings are independent of editorial articles, including reviews, written by SoGlos's journalists.

Example venue listings:

Check out SoGlos’s directory of Gloucestershire food venues, Gloucestershire hotels venues, Gloucestershire culture venues and Gloucestershire Health & Beauty venues for examples of venue listings which have been approved for inclusion.

Thanks for taking the time to read SoGlos’s venue listing guidelines, and we’re sure you’ll agree that they help make the online magazine a better place for everyone.

To request a basic business listing, please email details to Please note, we receive hundreds of listing requests every week and only cover a small number. To guarantee your event or business’s inclusion on SoGlos, please contact our Advertising Hub team on (01242) 210330.

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