Friday 14 December 2018

9 top tips to create a cosy winter wedding

When the weather turns chilly and there's a festive feel in the air, winter weddings are perfect for creating a cosy and romantic feel for your big day. From beautiful berries to cosy colour schemes, SoGlosWeddings has got it covered when it comes to creating wonderful winter weddings.

Whether you’re hoping for a for a snowy celebration, festive-themed ceremony or winter wonderland, SoGlosWeddings has teamed up with Cotswold Bar Company to give 9 top tips to create a cosy winter wedding.

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1. Serve up a winter tipple

Sure to transform any space into a tempting tipple hot spot, Cotswold Bar Company will delight guests with its charming vintage box bar and gorgeous Gumpy van, offering the perfect addition for a cosy celebration this winter.

Complete with bespoke boozy beverages, the expert alchemists can create everything from Christmassy cocktails to a stiff collection of winter warmers sure to keep guests happy all-day long.

2. Gorgeous greenery

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Whilst winter weddings won’t have masses of summery blooms, colder months are perfect for gorgeous greenery and rich colours that will look great in your bouquet.

Layer up eucalyptus, fresh spruce and even some mistletoe for some simple, but stunning arrangements. If you’re looking to go all out, a few Christmas trees are essential for a festive celebration.

3. Faux fur

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Nothing oozes cosiness like layers of textures, fabrics and faux fur. Create a cosy woodland lodge theme by covering chairs with faux fur, or opt for a wrap to keep your shoulders warm during the ceremony.

Add wooden accents to keep the cosy theme going; place your name cards in pine cones, use rustic rounds made of wood to serve your cake, and add blankets to the back of chairs.

4. Countless candles

Classically romantic and perfect for creating an inviting setting for your celebrations, candles are a great way to make your wedding cosy.

Fill empty surfaces, window sills and mantelpieces with pillar candles, or battery-powered candles and tea lights can be a safer and cheaper way to make an impact.

5. Cosy colours

From the colour of your bridesmaid dresses to the handpicked hues on your wedding stationery, accents of warm colours will look great in your wedding photographs as well as making an impressive impact.

Keep things current and avoid a classic red; instead, opt for rich plums, forest greens and glittering golds.

6. Hot chocolate station

Ridiculously rich, creamy and seriously scrumptious, getting your hot chocolate hit is a must for any winter wedding.

Create a hot chocolate station complete with marshmallows, cream and tempting toppings which is sure to be a huge hit with younger guests and grown-ups too.

7. Beautiful berries

Add warm tones and cosy colour schemes to your tables, flowers and stationery with clusters of berries or fresh fruit on your wedding cake.

With winter time boasting a great selection of bountiful berries, incorporate fresh holly into your table decorations.

8. Sensational sparklers

It may be the coldest time of year but get your guests outside at the end of the night for some spectacular sparkling entertainment.

Whether you want to go all out with an impressive firework display or choose to keep it simple with some sparklers outside, both ideas make a great backdrop for your photos and will create a cosy feel as you huddle up outside to keep warm.

9. Festoons of fairy lights

No winter wedding is complete without a host of fairy lights laced around the venue.

With the day turning dark earlier, make the most of the cosy lighting and go all out with fairy lights to create a romantic room full of your favourite people.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlos
Thursday 05 July 2018

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