Friday 14 December 2018

Guide to create a perfect seating plan at your wedding

Whether you're worried about seating the singles, wondering where to put those distant relatives, or you're just not sure where to start with your seating plan, look no further than SoGlosWeddings's handy guide.

Planning the seating plan for your wedding breakfast can be one of the most tedious tasks involved with your preparations.

With this handy guide to help create a perfect seating plan, you’ll have your seating stresses solved in no time at all.

Take a look at your tables

It sounds strange, but until you know exactly what you’re working with, it’s incredibly difficult to make a seating plan. Double check with your venue what shape your tables are and how many people each table seats.

Sort your guests into groups

Once you’ve finalised your guest list, divide the names into groups of family, friends, work colleagues and children. Doing this makes it easier to see who out of your guests already know each other and who would get along well.

Consider the room layout of your venue

Sketch out the floor plan of your venue and if you know where the tables will be positioned, draw that in too. If you think your friends are more likely to hit the dancefloor, seat them closest to it and keep family members and older relatives further away.

Avoid matchmaking

With love in the air, it’s tempting to try and matchmake some of your single friends at your wedding but it’s best avoided. Instead, try putting close friends with your family, cousins or guests with similar interests, so they have plenty to talk about.

Place your parents

Whilst it may be traditional to have a top table with the bride and groom’s parents, this doesn’t always work well if parents are divorced or you just want to sit with your leading ladies or groomsmen. Instead, one option is to place parents on tables with your closest friends around the room, rather than all in one place.

Consider having a children’s table

Creating a designated table for children can be a great way to keep them entertained and make them feel grown up at your wedding. For really young children, it’s best to keep them with their parents, but for the older ones, cover the table with colouring, bright cups and crockery, and plenty of activities to keep them busy.

Mix and match

Having already sorted your guests into groups of how they know each other, try to keep tables mixed with both sides of the couple’s family. If you’re worried your guests won’t have much to talk about, try placing some fun card games or ice breakers on each table to get the conversation flowing.

Find yourselves a seat

Whilst it may be traditional to have a long top table, many couples are now opting for much more sociable round tables or even rows of long trestle tables so that they are amongst their guests. Always remember it’s your wedding, so if you want to be sat with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, then go for it!

h3. Keep it simple

When it comes to displaying your seating plan, keep it simple and avoid tiny fonts and overcomplicated table names. As long as your guests know which table they are sat on, it’s not essential to choose their exact seat. Why not keep it casual and let the table decide where each guest takes a seat.

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Wednesday 26 September 2018

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