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Westonbirt School expert insight: Life inside a leading independent school

Established in 1928, Westonbirt School has been educating girls for over 90 years. Allowing boys into the school for the very first time in September 2019, SoGlos speaks to Westonbirt School about life at this independent co-ed.

Finding out what it’s like to attend Westonbirt School, SoGlos speaks to head girl, Izzy, about what it’s like to have boys in the school and who her female idols are.

About the expert – Westonbirt School

Westonbirt School is a co-ed independent school, welcoming day, boarding and flexi-boarding students ages two to 18.

Rated ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in May 2019, Westonbirt School is in the top five per cent of UK schools for Value Added. The school recognises and nurtures every child’s individuality and defines its success through the progress every child achieves after joining the school.

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What did you have to do to become head girl?

There are three main parts to the process of becoming head girl. The first is a letter of application talking about why I would suit the role and my experience. The second stage was to do two interviews, and lastly there was a whole school vote. The entire process took a few weeks.

Are there any interesting or unusual subjects you can study at Westonbirt School?

Yes, Westonbirt offers a flexible and varied approach to subjects. In our sixth form, students are taking a range of subjects from further maths to dance BTEC and the school offers everything in between.

The Board of Academic Study is something I’ve always been impressed by in the lower school too. There’s an opportunity to study a large selection of languages including Mandarin and Latin. Spanish is probably my favourite because I took it at GCSE.

Tell us something we don’t know about Westonbirt School?

We have a peacock who roams the grounds named Bertie. He’s often used as our mascot in our sports games too.

Boys were allowed to join Westonbirt Senior School in September 2019, how has this changed the school dynamic?

Boys joining the school this September has really brought a fresh new dimension to the school. I really enjoy talking to the Year 7s about how they’re finding school life and there’s a positive atmosphere amongst them.

The change has also brought the introduction of new sports like rugby and football, which are proving really successful.

Why did you choose to go to Westonbirt School?

I first joined the prep school when I was seven. My parents were drawn to the school because of its family ethos and beautiful surroundings. After I leave sixth form, I want to study history of art at university.

Attending a previously all-girls school, is there a woman that inspires you in particular?

I’ve always loved tennis so it’s not surprising that Serena Williams has inspired me from a young age. Not only for her incredible performances on the court, but also her attitude to life. She really demonstrates that resilience and having faith in your own ability – she also really shows passion for what she does.

Can you tell us about the after-school clubs and trips on offer?

There are many different trips and clubs to cater for all aspects of student interests. For a recent trip to India, money was raised to enable young girls to go to school. There are also great sporting opportunities in the form of the American lacrosse tour, as well as regular practises and matches.

Musically there’s a chamber choir for Year 9s and above and an annual whole school production.

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