Find out how to buy beers with Bitcoin in Cheltenham

Discover more about the workings of cryptocurrency Bitcoin at an informal educational evening in Cheltenham, showing businesses of all sizes, as well as the crypto curious, just how it all works. By the end of the evening you'll be able to buy beers with Bitcoin!

By Emma Luther  |  Published
The Bitcoin and Beers event is being held at Myna Accountants in Formal House in Cheltenham this July 2024.

The first ever Bitcoin and Beers evening in Cheltenham aims to educate and empower entrepreneurs by showcasing the practical uses of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in everyday transactions.

Held at the office of Myna Accountants in Formal House, attendees will learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including operational mechanics, benefits, and potential positive impacts on businesses. 

Participants will each receive a small amount of cryptocurrency to make real-time purchases, such as buying beers, allowing them to directly engage with and understand the technology, thereby gaining hands-on experience with crypto transactions. 

The hands-on approach aims to not only demystify cryptocurrency but also provides a networking opportunity among forward-thinking Gloucestershire business leaders. 

Co-hosted by Myna Accountants CEO, Joe David and BTC Gloucestershire executive, Matthew Bax, the event not only aims to educate but also to foster networking among local business owners, creating a supportive community of professionals eager to embrace new financial technologies.

Registration is required, and admission is free, making it an accessible event for entrepreneurs interested in the future of digital payments.


Bitcoin and Beers


Formal House in Cheltenham


Tuesday 30 July 2024


6.30pm to 8.30pm


Admission is free. To confirm your attendance email Holly Freeman at


(01242) 260590

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