The Business Planning Workshop

The organisation dedicated to helping businesses in Gloucestershire get off the ground and succeed, Start and Grow Enterprise, is hosting an online workshop dedicated to business planning this June 2022.


Start and Grow Enterprise is dedicated to helping fledgling Gloucestershire firms fly, with the experts in support and advice staging a special workshop dedicated to business planning on Wednesday 1 June 2022.

Experienced business leader, Julian Grail, is delivering the three-hour session via Zoom, aiming to give businesses insights into their customers and markets; how to make enough money; and help them fully understand their business and its direction.

Those who attend will be taken through the completion of their own Business Model Canvas (BMC), which will give them insights into their customers and market, their value propositions, their channels and, of course, how to make enough money.

According to Start and Grow Enterprise, by completing a BMC, businesses are halfway to a full-length business plan, with attendees leaving the workshop with the skeleton of their business fully formed, and a full understanding of what comes next.

The Business Planning Workshop takes place online on Wednesday 1 June 2022.

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The Business Planning Workshop



Wednesday 1 June 2022


10am to 1pm


Free of charge


Telephone number not available

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