4 benefits of outsourcing HR for your Gloucestershire business

If you've got a growing business and you’re thinking about outsourcing your HR, there's lots to consider. SoGlos spoke to Cheltenham-based Brave Human Capital Group about the benefits of handing the job over to someone else.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Gloucestershire HR firm Brave Human Capital Group believes outsourcing HR can bring many benefits to a variety of businesses by freeing up time and adding expertise.

Outsourcing your human resources is a big decision. It’s not just the ongoing commitment to a subscription or regular fee - but trusting an external provider to help grow your business, develop a culture that enables your staff to thrive as well as being able to make legally compliant HR decisions.

SoGlos spoke to James Fleming, founder and managing director of Gloucestershire HR firm Brave Human Capital Group, about the benefits of outsourcing HR.

He reckons if you get the provider right, then you could be looking at these four brilliant benefits...

Access to specialism

If you’re a small business, then outsourcing your HR will give you immediate access to a qualified specialist who has been there, done it and got the T-shirt.

At Brave, the team is made up of qualified HR professionals with years of experience of working with large and small businesses, helping them grow, stay compliant and create a truly individual, great place to work.

Play to strengths

If you’re a business owner, then you’ll most likely be motivated to grow your business, focus on what’s important and what you’re great at.

Navigating various pieces of legislation as well as people’s emotions can be a lot to deal with on top of daily business needs.

Fleming said: 'Dealing with often complex, lengthy HR processes and issues can be drain on your time. Outsourcing your HR not only gives you confidence and peace of mind, it also enables you to focus on growing and developing your business.'

Access to scalable capacity

Having an outsourced relationship with a qualified HR provider can also help smaller HR departments or businesses with a stand-alone HR manager cope with the demands of a business growing or big business changes.

Working with a firm like Brave can help to scale and deliver multiple priorities at busy times - enabling business owners to make progress regardless of pressures and priorities.

Fleming said: 'The right HR provider will work in partnership with your business, provide a tailored service and really get to know your business, culture and aspirations.'

Cost efficiency and flexibility

Employing an in-house HR person can be expensive. An experienced, qualified HR employee will cost a minimum of £35,000 to £40,000 per annum.

Outsourcing your HR will give you access to the support you need, when you need it and at a fraction of the price of a full or part-time HR employee.

Fleming said: 'It’s important you pick the right provider. Brave should be at the top of your list, but other good local options would be Sarah Cook and the team at HR People Support or Michael Doolin at Clover HR.

'What you’re looking for, your aspirations and style, will all influence who you choose as your HR provider. It’s important you consider your partners widely and wisely.'

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