7 excellent reasons why your business should consider a flexible workspace at Clockwise in Cheltenham

Whether you're a solo freelancer, a micro business or have a whole team of staff to house, here's why using a serviced, flexible, co-working office could be a really good business decision...

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Clockwise, based in Cheltenham, offers a huge variety of flexible desk options to book, including a gorgeous roof terrace with views over Leckhampton Hill.
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Clockwise Cheltenham

Offering stylish workspace solutions for businesses, Clockwise Cheltenham is based at Festival House in the town centre and provides flexible, serviced office and meeting spaces for workers and delegates. With lounges, desks, private offices, meeting rooms, breakout rooms and an on-site cafe serving coffees, pastries and sandwiches, freshly made in-house, Clockwise covers every worker's needs, whether self-employed or an SME.

In the last few years, the way we work has changed dramatically thanks to the pandemic. Employees now expect flexibility in both their hours and their work locations, with many people prioritising a healthy balance of home life and work life.

And this is where flexible co-working spaces come in. They can provide short- or long-term office spaces for any number of employees, with a wide variety of desks and workplace set-ups to choose from; with high-spec technology to log on to, meeting rooms for face-to-face gatherings and even high-end cafes and restaurants for breakfast, lunch and corporate catering.

SoGlos shares the top seven reasons why it's worth trying a flexible workspace at Clockwise Cheltenham for your business.

The right space for the size of your business

From self-employed freelancers working at home to small or medium-sized enterprises, flexible workspaces can offer immediate hot desking or office space for when you need it, no matter the length of time.

A solo worker who fancies a change of scene from the home office or kitchen table can book a day pass at Clockwise in the centre of Cheltenham and spend their nine to five in a comfortable, air-conditioned office with an on-site cafe for lunch and options such as collaboration areas and lounges.

Designated areas to suit different tasks

Co-working office spaces often have layouts that include different work areas to provide variety to workers. Instead of slaving away at the same desk day in, day out, colleagues can opt to move about with their laptops or tablets, sitting in the club lounge, on hot desks in cafe area and breakout spaces, and generally moving about in a more dynamic way, all while logged on to secure high-speed wifi.

Great for the posture and the mind, working in this way also encourages those all-important screen breaks. And with this flexibility in working areas comes different furniture set-ups to suit employees' physical and concentration needs, such as standing desks, laptop-only tables paired with comfy chairs and collaboration areas with shared amenities.

Pairs well with flexible working

Never before has it been so easy to work the hours needed to juggle family and home commitments, with many companies offering hybrid or remote working, flexi-time and even unlimited annual leave. This relatively recent change in the way we work has opened up the possibility of not having a permanent base, meaning that your place of work can be as flexible as your hours.

Becoming a member of Clockwise can offer rolling monthly memberships, day passes and very minimal commitment. You could be working from home one week, in a stylish air-conditioned office the next week and then from a poolside table in the Mediterranean the next — the choices are endless!

Change of scenery for freelancers and micro businesses

Particularly important for the self-employed, sole traders, smaller limited companies and micro businesses who are all based from home, a regular day pass at a co-working office such as Clockwise could be just the boost in productivity needed to power through a big project or fire up creativity.

Joining other colleagues in a serviced office set-up can help solo workers meet other people, network with local businesses and generally improve wellbeing at work.

Co-working shown to improve mental health

One of the most common complaints highlighted by freelancers is loneliness from spending much of their time working alone. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 65 per cent of solo workers have felt increased stress and anxiety, compared to just 30 per cent in employees who work with other people, highlighting our basic need for contact and conversation to talk through worries, ideas and general day-to-day communication.

Seeking out your nearest co-working office and working with or near others, even just for a day a week or fortnight, could boost mental health and wellbeing, as well as opening up opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, especially if you are moving to a new area. Clockwise runs monthly social events for members and it even lets you bring your four-legged co-workers to the office!

No limits on location

Remote workers can take particular enjoyment in this benefit, with their method of working allowing them to log on from anywhere in the country, if not the world!

Joining Clockwise allows workers to use day passes at offices in different locations. Why not pick a new city and spend a few days there as a tourist, using its offices to co-work from while enjoying some sightseeing?

Flexible costs with minimal outgoings

One of the most expensive parts of owning a business is the monthly rent and utilities bills. A flexible workspace can reduce these outgoings for small businesses as day pass and membership prices include all bills and wifi expenses. Day passes at Clockwise are priced at £20 (plus VAT) per day, with meeting rooms from £25 (plus VAT) per hour. Savings can be as much as £65,000 for a business in its first year that employees 12 staff members. 

This could also be particularly helpful for growing a business, if an owner has capacity to recruit a couple of staff members but needs to house them somewhere for a number of days a week or month.

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