9 diverse apprenticeships and placements to take on at Renishaw

Renishaw has been training many generations of engineers since its formation in 1973 and its well-established Early Careers programme features a variety of opportunities across a wide range of disciplines. SoGlos rounds up nine of the exciting schemes available in 2024...

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There are plenty of exciting schemes supporting the larger engineering sector to apply for in 2024.
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Globally successful engineering firm Renishaw was founded in 1973 by two former engineering apprentices and works across a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive and healthcare. Renishaw continues to show dedication to apprenticeships at all levels, too.

A global engineering technology group, Renishaw, has been innovatively designing and manufacturing products and machinery for the metrology and healthcare industries for half a century — conducting the majority of its research, development and manufacturing in the UK, where it employs 3,300 of its 5,200-strong workforce.

With programmes based in its Gloucestershire sites including Woodchester, Wotton-under-Edge and Charfield, its apprenticeship schemes don't just train the next generation of engineers.

SoGlos rounds up a whole host of schemes that are available to take on, whether you're looking to improve skills in IT and electrics, or you're ready to kick start a career in physics, manufacturing or software testing.

Apprenticeship Programmes

Apprentice IT support technician

Students on this apprenticeship programme will work alongside the team in Renishaw's IT and Security Department, where they will contribute to playing a key role in keeping the organisation's global IT infrastructure running smoothly.

The role requires the ability to provide fast, efficient and diligent support to keep the rest of the workforce productive in using technology in their own specific roles. Students will gain an understanding of the standards and protocols of different communication networks; remote infrastructure; the importance of effective data protection; and much more.

When completed, the apprentice will achieve a level three Infrastructure Technician Standard qualification, enabling them to apply to be on the register of IT Technicians, confirming SFIA level three professional competence.

Apprentice software tester

Testers at Renishaw are crucial to the development process of its software — considerations for high-quality and end-user needs is paramount.

Apprentices on this programme will take part in testing using manual, automated workflow and exploratory methods; design and prepare test plans; set up appropriate testing environments; report on test results and assess by comparing to expected results; and more.

Successful candidates will receive an International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundation qualification, after completing the software tester apprenticeship and an assessment taken at Gloucestershire College. Apprentices can then apply to be on the British Computer Society's Register of IT Technicians.

Maintenance electrician apprentice

For those interested in working practically and hands-on within a highly-experienced team, the level three diploma in electrical installation at Renishaw could set you up on the right track for success.

Students on this programme will learn new skills while ensuring electrical maintenance and electrical installations are completed to the relevant standards.

Through both on-site placements and study at Gloucestershire College, maintenance electrician apprentices will develop skills including installations and containment; fault finding; inspection and testing; health and safety awareness; and basic building repairs and property maintenance — all skills that are transferrable to many sectors.

Manufacturing apprentice

Of course, manufacturing and engineering is still at the heart of Renishaw. To thrive in a practical manufacturing environment while helping to solve complex science and manufacturing challenges, take a look into the three level three apprenticeship programmes in this area.

With the first year of study spent full-time at Gloucestershire Engineering Training (GET), participants will learn the basics in practical and theoretical engineering and its operations — with 20 per cent spent in the classroom and 80 per cent in the workshop, using machinery and applying theories.

On offer, a level three maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship; a level three machining technician apprenticeship; and a level three assembly technician apprenticeship. All three schemes are designed to provide invaluable experience in specific areas of the production process.

Software engineering apprentice

Achieving a BSc degree in digital and technology solutions via blended learning with the University of Exeter, the level six digital and technology solutions professional apprenticeship programme in software engineering at Renishaw is fantastic for those with a genuine interest and enthusiasm for programming and a career in the subject.

The four-year scheme involves working full-time at the Renishaw site in Wotton-under-Edge, where apprentices will develop and create computer software and systems that help to operate the products the company makes.

Training will commence in areas from core programming skills to project management and software development lifecycles. Completion of this programme culminates in a full-time role as a software engineer within one of its product development teams.

With an entire roster of apprenticeship schemes available, visit renishaw.com/apprenticeships for more information.

Applications are open until Monday 12 February 2024.

Summer Placements

Physics summer placement

Those choosing to take part in the physics and science-based summer placement involves working on live projects, overseen by senior Renishaw engineers.

Students will be able to gain experience in working through any stage of the product development process, such as initial product and technology research; designing new products; or continued engineering and maintenance of established product lines.

Seeing first-hand how physics principles are applied to optical and physical problems, those on the programme will collect data to establish whether a new product is worth pursuing, assemble testing rigs to verify manufactured parts, and align optical systems using laser technology — all while using specialist self-developed software.

Medical devices summer placement

STEM students will thrive on the medical devices summer placement at Renishaw — gaining an unmissable insight into what a career in medical device development looks like.

From concept to placement in the market, participants will explore the wide range of activities involved in the industry, in areas such as product design and development; process improvement; quality, regulatory and change control; and clinical aspect consideration.

Based at Renishaw's site in Chairfield, students will have the opportunity to connect with those already working in the healthcare sector of the business, as well as being able to discuss career ambitions and ideas with employees in similar roles.

Electronic summer placement

Working towards delivering the next generation of Renishaw products, those taking on the summer placement in electronics will be gaining experience in research, design and development for a maximum of 12 weeks.

Blue-sky project research; practical electronics skills such as soldering, commissioning and fault finding; printed circuit boards design; prototyping techniques; algorithms and software development; and embedded systems development are just some of the highlights featured in the placement.

Anyone studying STEM subjects at sixth form can take advantage of this programme and will experience the workplace guided and mentored by senior engineers who will help broaden technical and commercial skills, enabling students to reach their full potential in their chosen field.

Materials science summer placement

Based within the Materials Analysis and Research departments  — all functioning as a global service to all of Renishaw's product divisions — the materials science summer placement is also great for sixth form students wanting to gain work experience in STEM.

Over six to 12 weeks, this role will involve both individual and team working conditions, problem solving and suggesting solutions. Successful candidates will carry out analytical material analysis techniques, provide engineering material property advice and provide laboratory support.

Some of the responsibilities also include customer returns or production issues caused by material characteristics, whether it be metals, polymers, ceramics, coatings and biomaterials, and how they can be solved or used to enhance current or new products; as well much more.

The summer placements are available for between six and 12 weeks, for students who are studying subjects at a sixth form or college level and are looking for extra workplace experience.

Applications are open until Monday 5 February 2024.

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