6 ways Stagecoach West can support your Gloucestershire business

Offering everything from discounted tickets to bespoke bus services, Stagecoach West is helping to support businesses in Gloucestershire, encouraging more people to commute by bus.

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Stagecoach West can support Gloucestershire businesses in many ways, with SoGlos sharing six of them in this hot list.
Stagecoach West can support Gloucestershire businesses in many ways, with SoGlos sharing six of them in this hot list.

Whether your business wants to reduce its environmental impact or simply solve the problem of where staff can park, encouraging employees to use public transport can go a long way towards alleviating some of these common issues.

In this hot list, SoGlos shares six helpful ways bus operator Stagecoach West can support your Gloucestershire business.

Solve parking problems with Stagecoach West

With parking spaces in short supply for many workplaces, especially in town centre locations, encouraging employees to travel to work by bus could help to reduce traffic and alleviate parking problems as people head back to the office.

Stagecoach has two Park and Ride locations for people commuting into Cheltenham at Arle Court and Cheltenham Racecourse, offering free parking and regular buses into the town centre. Just park up and buy a ticket on the bus – or for regular commuters, weekly tickets are available to buy on the Stagecoach app.

Discounted bus travel for staff from Stagecoach West

For businesses wanting to incentivise staff to travel to work more sustainably, Stagecoach West will provide discounted bus tickets so you can subsidise staff travel and encourage them to use the bus – a great perk for staff members who commute to work.

Extended bus times from Stagecoach West

For anyone who’s not working standard office hours, travelling to work by bus could be trickier. If your business is served by an existing bus route, but the service finishes too early, Stagecoach West can add new journeys that match your shift patterns so staff can get to and from work easily, whatever time they start or finish.

Bespoke bus routes from Stagecoach West

If your business isn’t on an existing bus route, Stagecoach West can design a bespoke new bus service for your company. It’ll collect information on how your staff are getting to work and where they’re travelling from, then suggest a new bus route that’s tailored to your business needs – and budget.

Reduce the environmental impact of your business with Stagecoach West

Gloucestershire has made a commitment to achieve net zero carbon in the county by 2030 – with local businesses having a huge role to play in achieving this. One easy way to give your business a kick start is by encouraging employees to switch to greener transport.

While it’s well known that using public transport to get to work has a smaller environmental impact than using a private car, Stagecoach West’s new buses are some of the greenest in the UK, with Euro 6 engines that produce 75 per cent less nitrogen oxide and around 95 per cent less particulate matter emissions than older engines.

Hire Stagecoach buses for company events

Whether it’s an annual awards ceremony, staff conference, team building day or entertaining clients, Stagecoach West also offers private hire and special event transport for local businesses, so staff can leave their own cars at home.

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