11 artists from Cotswold galleries you'll want in your home

With everything from animal sculptures to captivating landscapes, introducing some artwork is the perfect way to spruce up your home – with the Cotswolds brimming with creative talent.

Discover 11 talented artists from Cotswold galleries in this hot list.
Discover 11 talented artists from Cotswold galleries in this hot list.

With many of us spending more time at home, there couldn’t be a better time to inject some colour with an eye-catching piece of art.

If you’re searching for some creative inspiration, SoGlos highlights 11 incredibly talented artists from Cotswold galleries that you need to have in your home.

Pete Monaghan — Hadfield Fine Art gallery

Award-winning Gloucestershire artist Pete Monaghan’s work is part representation, part visceral interpretation and is inspired by vernacular architecture of the Celtic Fringe. Pete refines and reworks initial sketches to create work which is full of energy and tension and is perfect for those who are keen on reducing waste – as Pete enjoys collaging everyday objects into his paintings, such as coffee cups, maps and corrugated cardboard.

Neil Packer — Alison Eldred gallery

Best known for his editions of The Odyssey and The Iliad, Neil Packer is a star among picture book illustrators and has tackled some of the most difficult subjects with a great deal of care and expertise. Using oranges and yellows to rich dark blues, Neil’s prints brighten any wall.

Adam Binder — Paragon Gallery

Cotswold-based Adam Binder is one of Britain’s leading wildlife sculptors who works primarily in bronze and rich earth patinas. Adam’s signature fluid style captures the essence of his subjects. And with everything from puffins and blue tits to polar bears, walruses and koala bears, his work is definitely one for animal lovers.

Janet James — Hadfield Fine Art gallery

Cheltenham-based artist Janet James’s seascapes are perfect for those who want a taste of the shoreline inside their own home. Whether its inspiration driven from her love of walking in the Cotswolds or her trips abroad, Janet’s semi abstract land, river and seascapes aim to ‘convey an emotional response to the landscape’ through a variety of different techniques.

Rob Ritchie — Wren Gallery

Completely self-taught, Rob Ritchie creates some stunning life-like pieces which mainly centre around still life. By blending traditional old master’s techniques along with contemporary settings, Rob aims to create a sense of individuality in his paintings and his attention to tone and detail are sure to catch the eye in your home.

Arabella Kiszely — Little Buckland Gallery

Another artist whose work you must have if you’re a fan of the sea, is Cotswold-based artist Arabella Kiszely. Largely self-taught, Arabella specialises in semi abstract landscapes inspired by her local countryside and the coastline of the British Isles and Ireland. Her paintings are full of colour, designed so that you can feel, as well as see, the force of nature.

Kip Kavallares — Paragon Gallery

A self-taught artist, Gloucestershire-based Kip Kavallares is continuously developing his style producing intriguing brush strokes, textures, colours and more. Kip mainly works from sketches and photographs and often incorporates food into his pieces so could be a perfect colourful addition to your kitchen.

Plum Neasmith — Little Buckland Gallery

Including experiences of a place, Plum Neasmith does not work directly in front of a subject, creating paintings that are often ‘distant in time.’ Her work, which has been exhibited around England, attempts to reveal something new about a subject which results in beautiful pieces.

Melanie Cormack-Hicks — Paragon Gallery

If you are looking to add colour, energy and light to your home then Melanie Cormack-Hicks’ paintings are just what you need. Based in the Cotswolds, she incorporates her home in her work taking inspiration from the nearby majestic woodlands and sweeping meadows, while also travelling to Scotland and Cornwall to capture breathtaking river scenes and powerful seascapes.

Louise Luton — Park Gallery

Another artist for animal and nature lovers, Louise Luton uses vibrant colours alongside neutral tones to create beautiful oil paintings. Her pieces capture expressive animals and striking landscapes on natural linen canvases and are sure to add a sense of beauty to your home.

Julia Cox — Alison Eldred gallery

Working in various media both as a painter and textile artist, Julia Cox’s work is semi abstract, derived by the forms, colours and textures of the landscape. Using a batik process, she has developed her own unique method of working with fine papers and a wax resist technique. This gives Julia a freedom in assembling collages, creating a translucent and intriguing image.

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