13 great cocktail bars in Gloucestershire

With everything from Espresso Martinis to Saketinis and Blue Peacocks, we’ve rounded up some of the best cocktail bars in Gloucestershire.

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Gloucestershire is home to a host of amazing cocktail venues, where you can sit back and enjoy your favourite drinks  whether you like them shaken or stirred.
Gloucestershire is home to a host of amazing cocktail venues, where you can sit back and enjoy your favourite drinks – whether you like them shaken or stirred.

Masterfully mixed and delicious to drink, there’s nothing quite like a cocktail to start — or finish — your evening. From the classy to the casual, SoGlos has rounded up 13 of our favourite cocktail bars in Gloucestershire, proving there’s a perfect mix for every taste and budget.

Téatro in Cirencester

Often branded as Cirencester’s best kept secret, Téatro is a stylish restaurant and piano bar, where guests can enjoy classic cocktails with a twist.

Connected to the popular Barn Theatre, Téatro prides itself on offering a unique dining experience, alongside carefully crafted drinks.

Bar Tokyo in Cheltenham

Attached to YOKU, the sushi restaurant at 131, Bar Tokyo is run by the same people as the best hotel gin bar in the world, Gin & Juice.

Take your pick from various Japanese-inspired cocktails (and plenty more besides), including the Sakura Sour, the Shiso Collins and ‘Saketini’, which look every bit as stylish as the clientele.

Merchant and Lab in Cheltenham

Thanks to a micro distillery in the basement, Merchant + Lab on Pittville Street can produce some very special spirits of its own, which you can sample in the cocktail bar on the top floor.

Serving everything from aphrodisiac cocktails to dandelion and burdock Manhattans, this is the place to go when the standard selection of Cosmos and Mojitos just won’t cut it.

Tiger’s Eye in Gloucester

Using mint from its own garden, the Tiger’s Eye in Gloucester is known for serving some of the freshest mojitos around.

Other standouts on its dedicated cocktail menu include tiger themed house specials, like the Tiger’s Tail, Tiger’s Bite, Bloody Tiger and Eye of the Tiger.

Imperial Haus in Cheltenham

Owned and run by Sophie Wilding, who appeared on BBC reality show The Apprentice in 2022, Imperial Haus is an ‘enchanted’ cocktail bar with mesmerising interior décor.

Amethyst cocktails with edible crystals are among the house (sorry, haus) specialities, alongside the striking ‘Blue Peacock’.

Seventeen Black in Cirencester

With regular two-for-one offers on cocktails, as well as seasonal specials like the Mini Egg Martini for Easter, Cirencester’s Seventeen Black is all about giving people what they want.

Including opening the dancefloor for special club nights, when the selection of sharing cocktails really come into their own.

Rosado Lounge in Tewkesbury

Located behind a gorgeous stained-glass entrance, Rosado Lounge overlooks a prime spot in the centre of Tewkesbury – with murals that celebrate the history and spirit of the town.

A host of drinks are on offer, including classic Mojitos, Espresso Martinis, as well as a range of mocktails.

The Alchemist in Cheltenham

Cheltenham’s The Alchemist is located in the Brewery Quarter and offers a range of theatrical, hand-crafted and creative cocktails.

From conical flasks to edible cups, each of The Alchemist’s cocktails is presented in a unique ‘vessel to add a devilish dash of theatre’. Prepare to be blown away.

The Legbar at Daylesford near Kingham

The Legbar at Daylesford Organic Farm specialises in botanical cocktails, utilising Daylesford brand prosecco, vodka, gin and tomato juice.

As well as putting its own spin on classics like the Daylesford Mary and the Daylesford G&E (gin & elderflower), mocktails like the Spring Greens and Vitamin Tonic sound positively healthy.

The Kings Head in Cirencester

The King’s Head in Cirencester has one of the rarest things in Gloucestershire – a rooftop terrace for enjoying a cocktail (or two)!

From spicy gingerbread Old Fashioneds in winter, to tangy green apple daquiris in spring, the bar at this hotel and spa always has a tempting ‘cocktail of the week’ to tickle your tastebuds.

The Corner House in Stroud

The espresso martini is a firm favourite at the Corner House in Stroud, which professes to serve the best in town.

Putting a seasonal spin on other cocktails on its menu, you can even get a pumpkin spiced White Russian come Halloween.

The Old Stocks in Stow-on-the-Wold

With a bespoke cocktail list showcasing local spirits, the cocktail lounge at Stow-on-the-Wold’s Old Stocks Inn offers the sort of drinks you really won’t find anywhere else.

Case in point, the ‘Takeaway’, made with duck fat washed Elijah Craig Bourbon, garnished with a prawn cracker. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options, too – not to mention bar snacks.

The Urban Fox in Cheltenham

Located on Cheltenham’s Montpellier Walk, Urban Fox offers classic cocktails, alongside tasty treats such as macarons, cupcakes and brownies.

It’s the perfect place to come for those with a sweet tooth, especially with high tea as an option for those wanting to celebrate in style.

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