10 hottest interiors trends for Gloucestershire homes in 2023

From sustainability-conscious materials, heritage pieces that transcend the decades to bold colours to make the soul sing, SoGlos rounds up some of this year’s hottest interiors trends for Gloucestershire homes.

By Sarah Kent  |  Published
Be inspired by SoGlos's pick of the top ten interiors trends for Gloucestershire homes in 2023.

Dipping into the latest interiors trends needn't be expensive or require a complete refurb.

Choose from a few key accessories, or splurge on a single but beautiful investment piece to transform your decor, with SoGlos rounding up this year's most gorgeous trends to try in your Gloucestershire home. 

Sustainable living

Green interior design is more a way of life than just a trend, with Earth-conscious shoppers valuing eco-friendly materials above all else to create a sustainable life and home. Materials that are considered environmentally-friendly include rattan, bamboo, cane, linen and cork, as well as responsibly-sourced wood.

It's not just about aesthetics, either — if you're embracing sustainable living in your home, ask questions about how and where items are made, to make sure you're buying from ethical companies who hold the planet and their employees in the highest regard. 

Sunset hues

Bring some of the warmth of those soothing sunset tones into your home, with blush pink, deep yellow, warm gold and faded orange bringing a subtle depth and glow to any room.

This trend is a great way to introduce soft colour into the home, without overpowering the senses. Try adding these comforting colours with accents on throw cushions, artwork, lighting and statement pieces such as armchairs or headboards. 

Curved lines

This look focuses on oversized furniture with curvaceous lines and soft edges to create a relaxed, welcoming environment. Think plush, cosy sofas and chairs that are crying out to be sunk into at the end of a busy day, with cocooning cushions and soft throws for next-level comfort. 

Equally at home in large or small rooms, just make sure to measure twice, buy once when thinking about oversized pieces!

Bold colours and patterns

Go big on colour with this fun trend, using paint, prints and patterns to bring the wow factor to your interiors. Also known as 'dopamine decor', the idea behind this trend is to dress the home with colour and furnishings that make you feel happy.

The science behind this theory being that cheerful colours and items that bring joy will help lift your mood each time you walk into a room.

Retro return

This is a trend that doesn't shy away from mixing textures, patterns and rich colours, resulting in a snug, inviting and laid-back look. Picture an abundance of houseplants, handmade cushions and unique artwork. 

All things 1970s-inspired, in particular, is a key trend for 2023, using tones such as warm brown, gold and red, with retro shapes to add interest.

Comfort and calm

The trend for calming textures at home gained momentum during the stressful years of lockdown — and thankfully, its popularity isn't waning any time soon.

The key to this look is a home that feels like a tranquil haven — relaxing and filled with plush, soft furnishings. This translates to lots of warm neutrals; warm wood tones; natural textures; and ideally no clutter. Imagine a toned-down version of minimalism, with a few carefully curated accessories and ornaments.

Painted borders

Painted borders are an inexpensive way to play with a room's structure and perspective, as well as adding the opportunity to try out interesting colour combinations.

Paint techniques such as colour-blocking or stencilling can highlight interesting alcoves, high ceilings and cornicing — ideal for anyone renovating a Regency property — while wallpaper borders can be used instead of paint, applying slimline patterns and colour strips around door frames and along dado rails for a similar effect.

Heritage design

Traditional design takes centre stage in this trend, drawing on the provenance of eras past and adding details such as shaker-style kitchens, antique furniture, Arts and Crafts patterns and heritage colour palettes.

The best part is, you don't need a period property for this look to work — heritage design can slot seamlessly beside modern architecture, with artwork, ceramics and prints on soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs adding a touch of the old even to new-build homes.

Spa-inspired bathrooms

A big trend for 2023 is creating the ultimate sanctuary at home — the spa-inspired bathroom. This doesn't mean you need to rush out and book a complete bathroom renovation, though, this trend is all about creating a self-care space within your existing bathroom, with fabric, textures and calming colours giving an overall luxe feel.

Picture a tranquil space with warm, fluffy towels and mats; calming tones on walls and tiles (both of which can be painted for an inexpensive refresh); curved mirrors; soft lighting; and scented candles — perfect for extended self-care sessions on a Sunday evening!

Layered lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in the home — and to elevate your look, layering lighting adds warmth and cosiness to a space, while also providing the opportunity to create different zones.

Accessorise with wall lights, a floor lamp, bookshelf or cabinet lighting and strategically-placed side lamps at different levels for a stylish and multi-functional solution. 

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