9 ways to increase the value of your Gloucestershire home

Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply want to tidy it up, SoGlos shares 9 ways to increase the value of your Gloucestershire property.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Discover 9 ways to increase the value of your home in this hot list.
Discover 9 ways to increase the value of your Gloucestershire property in this hot list.

Learn how to lease new life in your Gloucestershire home and increase its value with these handy tips, featuring everything from changing your front door and windows, to tidying up your garden.

Change your windows

Transforming your home almost instantly, new windows can massively increase the value of your property, as well as giving it some excellent kerb appeal. Restore your home's character and invest in beautiful double-glazed windows that could save you money in the long run, with better energy efficiency and long-lasting quality timber and fixtures.

Convert your attic or cellar

Add another room to your home by converting your attic or cellar into an extra bedroom, chill-out room or children’s play den. With thorough planning and expertise needed to convert a room safely, if done well, the new addition will definitely add value to your home.

Incorporate a custom interior staircase

A simple but sometimes overlooked adjustment when looking to add value to a property is to incorporate a custom staircase. Building a flight of stairs with a luxury feel, style and elegance will instantly enhance the aesthetics of your property, creating a gorgeous focal point for its décor. 

Switch up your front door

Similarly to changing out your windows, switching your exterior doors can have a great impact on the value of your home - after all, your front door plays a huge impact in first impressions. Adding new doors ensures a feeling of security and gives potential buyers confidence in the property. Not only this, but well crafted doors can contribute to a more energy efficient building.

Make it brighter

Whilst great lighting can enhance the look and value of your home, an overall feeling of light and airiness is also important for house hunters. Consider lighter tones on the walls, mirrors to reflect natural window light and sky lights to create a space that feels bigger than it is.

Design a unique kitchen

It may seem obvious but the décor in your home can have a massive impact on its value. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of personality through bespoke and exclusive kitchen designs, with high-quality materials and special features. Plus, going bespoke means that no two houses will be the same! 

Create a feature

If you’re looking to sell your property or simply want to add a bit more character to your living space, consider creating features and points of interest to make your home stand out. Insert a fireplace with a stylish surround, or have a log burner fitted to create a cosy look. 

Create a walk-in wardrobe

Tuck your clothes away in their own special space and give your home a spruce up with a new, luxurious walk-in wardrobe. This sought-after addition can make a huge difference to the look of your rooms, keeping your bedroom space fresh and tidy — as well as stopping your clothes from getting cramped and creased.

Tidy up the garden

Making your garden look great doesn’t have to mean planting up a professionally-landscaped space. Keep it fairly low maintenance with potted plants, cut your lawn regularly or perhaps create a unique feature such as a garden room to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

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