Award-winning Gloucestershire garage explains why air con isn't just for summer drives

While the summer weather can be gusty and unpredictable in Gloucestershire, it's still important to control the climate in your car to keep it running smoothly. Cheltenham's award-winning independent garage, Cleevely Motors, explains why drivers should consider keeping their air con running all year round.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
Cheltenham-based garage, Cleevely Motors, recommends drivers keep their air con running all year round to keep their vehicle healthy for longer.

Southern Europe is sizzling while the summer weather in Gloucestershire leaves a lot to be desired – so driving with the air con on during a thunderstorm might seem excessive! 

Despite the weather, Cleevely Motors in Cheltenham wants drivers to understand the benefits of running their air con all year round, in heat waves and thunderstorms alike, from reducing bacteria in your vehicle, to keeping it healthy and running for longer. 

SoGlos speaks to the award-winning garage to get some top tips for car owners, so they can keep their vehicles in great shape this summer and beyond.

Why should drivers run their air con all year round?

Using you car's air conditioning system all year round will actually prevent faults. The system can seize up when it's not in use; when the air con is running, it pushes lubricant around the system to help keep it in the best condition. 

Keeping the air con running prevents the seals and hoses from hardening and deteriorating, which can cause leaks.

Not only this, on colder or wet days, the air conditioning system will draw the moisture from the misted-up windows and help to clear them faster, so it's important to turn it on in the winter and in bad weather.

What advice would you give someone who is worried about keeping their air con on all year due to higher fuel costs?

The most important thing to consider is that the maintenance and repair costs will probably outweigh what you've saved on fuel by not using it. 

Why would you recommend running the air con rather than opening the windows while driving? 

The air conditioning system is designed to reduce the temperature inside the car, but it will also help to reduce bacteria build-up in your vehicle, too. 

Particularly for hay fever sufferers, using the air conditioning over having your windows open can make a big difference to reducing the allergens inside the cabin of the vehicle – making for a more comfortable driving experience all round.

How do you know when it's time to get your air con re-gassed? How often should you do it?

A good guide is to have the air conditioning re-gassed every couple of years, but this really depends on your vehicle and how much the air con system is used. If it's in regular use and maintains a cool temperature when required, then it's all working as it should.

If you notice changes in the efficiency of the cooling system, then a re-gas may be required.

Re-gassing checks that the system is still holding pressure, as well as the gas required to help it cool. It ensures all the pipework is in good condition and able to pass the gas through the system safely and effectively.

What other air con maintenance tips do you have for drivers?

Use it or lose it! Running your car's air con regularly helps to keep it working as it should.

It's also a good idea to make sure the cabin filter is replaced when your vehicle is serviced, as the air flows through this into the vehicle cabin.

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