Clarkson Evans shares the highlights of working for one of the UK’s top firms

Gloucestershire electrical contractor Clarkson Evans is thriving, growing and moving into new areas. And it’s looking for three new electrical lecturers.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
Clarkson Evans employs around 850 staff and three quarters of them work on site each day to wire new homes.
Clarkson Evans employs around 850 staff and three quarters of them work on site each day to wire new homes.

Getting the right people in place for key roles can make an enormous difference to a company’s future.

SoGlos spoke to Gloucester-based Clarkson Evans about the new electrical lecturer roles they’re looking to fill.

About the expert – Chris Roach, lecturer and internal quality assurer at Clarkson Evans

Chris Roach is a lecturer and internal quality assurer at Gloucester-headquartered Clarkson Evans – an electrical contractor company serving the county and beyond.

He joined the firm in 2011 as an apprentice. On completion of his training he was promoted to team leader before being approached for his current lecturing role.

Clarkson Evans is proud to be the largest electrical contractor in the UK, serving the new-build housing sector. Teams work from 21 branches around the country, from Warrington down to Newquay. Industrious staff typically wire around 24,000 new homes each year.

With a focus on long-term career progression, lots of staff in senior roles have progressed with the company as it has grown. The apprenticeship program is the jewel in the company’s crown and the new lecturer role would see the successful candidate playing a big part in that.

What is so special about working at Clarkson Evans?

For me, the people at Clarkson Evans are what makes it a special place to work. I’ve been on a journey with the business since starting out as an apprentice and I still regularly see and chat to the people I worked with on the tools, as well as my former supervisors.

Why is Clarkson Evans a great place to develop your career?

Clarkson Evans is fantastic at promoting from within. Many of the company’s managers and directors started out as apprentices and have progressed through the company. This ensures that our unique way of working and our company values are understood by those in the most senior positions.

What do you offer that no one else does?

Most apprentices carry on working for Clarkson Evans when they qualify, so not only do we get the opportunity to see them grow from day one through to qualification, we also get to see how they progress in their career. The strong relationships formed between lecturers and apprentices are what makes Clarkson Evans unique.

What kind of careers have your staff gone on to do?

Several apprentices from my class groups have been promoted to team leader positions which means that they are now responsible for some aspects of training new apprentices. It’s amazing to think I taught them some of the skills they are now passing on. I know I’ve played a crucial part in their career progression and that’s very satisfying.

What are some of the highlights of role?

For me, the highlights are seeing apprentices develop and preparing them for their careers as electricians. I like to think I instil in them real passion for our industry which will motivate them to continue learning beyond the completion of their apprenticeship.

Who are the sort of people you are looking for?

We’re looking for qualified electricians who are ready to take a different direction in their career, using the experience they’ve gained over the years to help others.

What might people be surprised to learn electrical lecturers can do?

As the job title suggests, lecturers are able to confidently present lesson material to learners, but we are also accomplished in the practical skills required to work in our electrical industry and we do lots of practical, hands-on demonstrations.

What has been your career highlight at Clarkson Evans?

Attending my graduation ceremony when I was awarded my university diploma in education. It’s something I never imagined I’d do when I started out as an apprentice at Clarkson Evans.

Why is now a great time to apply?

With big changes happening in our industry, it’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of training a new generation of electricians.

How does someone apply for this role?

Visit our careers page for details of this role along with our other current vacancies. You can apply for any of our opportunities by registering your details on our website and uploading your CV.

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