Meet the ambitious law graduate thriving at Gloucester's oldest law firm

Tayntons Solicitors makes it a priority to support bright young talent from across Gloucestershire with its excellent training programme. SoGlos speaks to the University of Gloucestershire law graduate training to become a solicitor at the Gloucester firm, about how she's growing her career by sticking to her roots.

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Madison Noel is training to become a qualified solicitor at Tayntons in Gloucester, after graduating from the University of Gloucestershire in 2020.

Heading out into the world of work as a graduate can be a daunting experience and choosing where to begin your career is a huge decision.

Tayntons Solicitors, one of Gloucester's longest established and historic law firms, is committed to discovering and nurturing fresh talent from the local area — with a direct focus on encouraging the advancement of university graduates aiming to secure a career in law.

SoGlos speaks to University of Gloucestershire graduate, Madison Noel, about her law journey and why Tayntons was always the right fit for her future career development.

What initially drew you to a career in the law sector?

From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to enter into a profession that allowed for growth and variety. One of the things I love about my job at Tayntons is the fact that no day or case is the same, meaning I am always encountering new scenarios and being challenged constantly.

By entering into a career in law, I've had the opportunity to specialise in an area of practice that really interests me, and I've really found that to be matters in family law. I'm currently completing the final seat of my training contract in private family law and I'm hoping to qualify into this area once I finish my training contract in January 2024.

Can you describe your day-to-day at Tayntons?

My day-to-day is always very varied — which I love. Some days may solely involve preparing court documents for an upcoming hearing, whereas other days may involve conducting calls, meeting with clients, as well as drafting applications, reviewing correspondence from opposing parties and liaising with court counsel, also known as barristers.

Are there any personal achievements that stand out to you since starting your training with Tayntons?

One would have to be when I was offered my training contract. In order to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales, you must have completed a period of training within the workplace. So, you have to spend time in different departments, learning and developing legal skills under the supervision of a mentor. I was absolutely thrilled to be offered this opportunity with Tayntons and I have learned so much since I started my contract in July 2022.

I've also had the opportunity, while at Tayntons, to represent the firm at a number of careers fayres at schools in the local community and at the University of Gloucestershire — where I achieved my LLB law degree.

It's always such an honour to speak to the future young professionals of Gloucestershire and to hear about their goals and aspirations for the future.

Apart from the excellent training programme you mention, what made you choose Tayntons?

I know that a lot of graduates tend to aim for large firms in big cities, but Gloucester has so much to offer young professionals, especially as Tayntons has recently moved to its new office in Gloucester Quays — we are always working as a team to modernise and expand the firm.

When I was at university, I was aware that when the time came for me to choose the type of firm I wanted to complete my training contract with, a high street firm would suit what I wanted from an employer. I felt that this type of firm would help me gain access to more exposure and opportunities that may not be on offer at a national firm — especially during a training contract.

During my time here at Tayntons, I have been endlessly challenged and valued as a member of the team, whilst also being supported by experts in the field.

As well as that, my fiancé and I bought our first home in Gloucester in September 2022 and our whole family also live in Gloucester. Plus, having studied at the University of Gloucestershire, I already had very sturdy roots planted in the county and knew that I wanted to stay and flourish further.

You mention that you've been challenged in your role at Tayntons. What's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome?

My biggest challenge, I would say, came about when I first started working at Tayntons in May 2021. During this time, I was working part-time at Tayntons whilst also working towards completing my masters in Legal Practice full-time with the University of Law.

This was a huge challenge because I had to ensure that I was keeping on top of the deadlines that were being set in both the workplace and on my course. I managed to overcome this by ensuring that I was proactive in my time management and planning.

I was also fully supported by my colleagues when I needed it the most, meaning I was able to successfully complete my course whilst also achieving and thriving in my new role.

Apart from becoming a qualified solicitor, are there any other long-term goals that you're working towards at Tayntons?

In terms of how I hope to progress within the local law landscape, I knew when studying that I wanted to make connections with local law firms to develop my career in the place that I grew up in. My hope is to develop and continue my professional working relationship with Tayntons by working alongside my colleagues to deliver the best legal service possible for our clients.

I am due to qualify as a solicitor in January 2024 and my ultimate goal is to develop my skills and experience to a point where I can become a partner one day. It's always been my aim to continue challenging myself and to be able to say that I've worked my way up to a partner position would be incredible, but most importantly, with Tayntons, it feels accessible.

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