'We do not aspire to be the biggest, but we do aspire to be the best solicitors in Gloucestershire'

The managing director of Stroud and Gloucester's WSP Solicitors shares her ambitions for the future as she looks back on 260 years of legal services to make life less complicated.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
WSP Solicitors prides itself on being trusted, approachable, uncomplicated and human.
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WSP Solicitors

WSP Solicitors is an independent legal practice, with offices in Stroud and Gloucester. The firm has been offering straightforward legal advice and support for over 250 years and provides a wide range of legal services for personal and business matters – from family law to residential and commercial conveyancing.

Putting Albert Einstein's theory of constant forward movement to the test, WSP Solicitors shares its vision to be the first-choice provider of legal services in the city of Gloucester and Stroud region by 2025.

SoGlos chats to its managing director Judi Bonham to understand her vision for the future and why she's so proud of the dedicated team around her.

Meet the expert – Judi Bonham, managing director, at WSP Solicitors

Judi Bonham qualified as a solicitor in 1996. She has more than 20 years of experience specialising in all aspects of family law. She is a member of the family law team, as well as being the managing director of WSP Solicitors.

As well as being a member of the Law Society Family Law and Children Law Panels she has undertaken training as a collaborative lawyer with Resolution. Bonham is recognised by her clients for providing clear, pragmatic advice and understanding what is important to her clients.

Your vision is to be the first-choice provider of legal services in the city of Gloucester and Stroud region by 2025 — why is this?

I believe this vision, although ambitious, demonstrates WSP Solicitors commitment to the county as a provider of legal services, but also as an employer.

It is also testament to the longevity of the business, seeing as though we have been around for more than 260 years! We really believe in what we do and the service we provide.

We have reflected on what is truly important from our clients’ perspectives but also that of our employees. We need to make sure we are getting this right from both sides so everything works in harmony.

Simply, this comes down to us continuing our commitment to exceptional client service, providing accessibility to the law and living our values of being trusted, approachable, uncomplicated, human and commercially successful. We will continue to grow towards our vision through living this.

You have a new director team which is part of a succession plan, can you tell us a bit about the fresh energy it brings and whether your clients will notice a difference?

I am a great believer in not standing still.  Albert Einstein said: 'Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.' 

Our new director team is going to help us keep that balance and relentlessly move forward, as all businesses need to do to grow in experience, knowledge and relevance. 

We do not aspire to be the biggest, but we do aspire to be the best and continue to provide the excellent client service that our clients deserve and demand.

WSP has new modern core values as a company — your WSP DNA — can you tell us about your motivation behind this and how it will move WSP forward?

After the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we wanted to reaffirm and sense check our values for ourselves, our clients and other stakeholders. 

We recognised in the business we had embraced the inevitable changes to working life and expectations and the ways we communicate, but we needed to bring together the behaviours and characteristics that were important to us, so they were visible and anchored within our DNA.

There is real positivity within WSP Solicitors and a feeling of belonging and being part of a forward looking business. I am proud of how our WSP DNA highlights the mindset and beliefs of everyone.

As you look to the future, what are you most proud about what WSP has accomplished over the years?

WSP Solicitors has been part of the legal and business community in Gloucestershire for more than 260 years. 

To continue that legacy, we have really focused on developing, progressing and promoting from within, recognising the talent and skills of our people within WSP Solicitors and acknowledging they are the future of the business. 

We provide many opportunities for training and development at all levels of the business and in all areas.

I am proud of everyone who works with me at WSP Solicitors and their contribution to the business and their clients’ lives.  They believe in our purpose which is to make our clients’ private and business life less complicated. 

What most excites you about the future of the business?

This really is down to me knowing that the legacy will continue. I know the business is in good hands and it will continue to grow and innovate long into the future.

I am excited about the people in the business, not just the new director team and future leaders but everyone. We are all committed to our clients and the future success of the business.

We have really tried to inspire this across the whole of the business as well as a true culture of 'not standing still'.

In partnership with WSP Solicitors  |  wspsolicitors.com

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