‘I enjoy helping change people’s lives’: Disabled Care & Mobility expert insight

Experts in ‘prescriptive mobility’, Disabled Care & Mobility’s Mike Clipsom finds bespoke solutions to help customers with complex requirements to regain their independence, from the specialist shop in Cheltenham.

By Eleanor Fullalove  |  Published
Gloucestershire’s one-stop shop for disability needs, Disabled Care & Mobility offers its assessment by appointment, alongside its drop-in service.
Gloucestershire’s one-stop shop for disability needs, Disabled Care & Mobility offers its assessment by appointment, alongside its drop-in service.

With well over 50 years of industry knowledge, the experienced team at Disabled Care & Mobility in Cheltenham are experts in disability and mobility equipment.

This ‘one-stop shop for disability needs’ comprises a mobility store with hundreds of aids to daily living, a vehicle adaptation centre and a wheelchair accessible vehicle centre.

What’s more, customers with very specialist requirements can now take advantage of prescriptive mobility assessments with or without an appointment.

About the expert – Mike Clipsom, Disabled Care & Mobility

Mike works as a technician for Disabled Care & Mobility, having re-joined the company three months ago. He previously spent four years working for DC&M, taking on another specialist role at another mobility company in between times.

The keen runner has also completed several half marathons in Cheltenham and Stroud to raise funds for the Gloucestershire-based Goals Beyond Grass, DC&M’s chosen charity, which helps disabled children and adults by engaging them in accessible sport and social activities.

What area of the business do you specialise in personally?

This time around, my role is that of technician for the more specialist and high-end prescriptive powerchairs.

Not only does this make use of my engineering skills, but my ability to assess a customer’s postural seating and environmental requirements.

Prescriptive mobility is when a customer has very specialist requirements in order to enhance their lives and regain independence.

In prescribing a mobility product, we use our skills to assess the customer requirements and then put together a product bespoke to them.

What are the company’s other specialisms?

In addition to offering a vast range of mobility products, DC&M has a vehicle adaptation centre, carrying out a whole range of vehicle adaptations for disabled and elderly drivers and passengers.

We offer in-depth assessments to ensure the products we supply meet customers’ requirements. Each team member has varying skills, which ensures we can give well-informed advice.

As twice winners of the British Healthcare Trades Association’s Team of The Year Award, we pride ourselves on a high-quality service and are with the customer at each step of the process.

Who are your main customers?

We carry out a substantial amount of vehicle adaptations for the Motability charity, which helps disabled people with transportation solutions.

However, large numbers of our customers are private individuals, and we’ll often supply a mobility product, as well as adapting their vehicle, for a complete mobility solution.

What aspect of the job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy building the equipment with customers and helping to change people’s lives.

How has Covid affected the way you work now?

At the height of the pandemic, we were offering a bespoke service by appointment. This is something we found made a difference to our day-to-day working and have now incorporated into our plan moving forwards.

We still offer a drop-in service for all areas of the business, where you’ll be welcomed by the team and assisted during your visit.

All team members are aware of the importance of wearing PPE and following current guidelines to keep both customers and staff safe.

How long does it take to get a vehicle adapted?

Vehicle adaptations can take from one hour to several days, depending on the products and the customers’ requirements.

A hoist to load a wheelchair or a scooter into the boot of a vehicle usually only takes a few hours. However, some driving controls are extremely complex and can take days.

Each customer has an assessment, which can sometimes amount to multiple visits. We offer an assessment area in the showroom and can also make home visits with our demonstration vehicle.

Is there anything you don’t do?

We’re always pushing the boundaries and on the lookout for new products and services to provide. Anything that our competitors view as too difficult for them, we view as a challenge!

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