A retail unit is becoming available at The Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham

Luke at The Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham is closing when its lease comes to an end, making the unit one of the only spots available to lease at the popular leisure and retail destination.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Cheltenham's Luke store is closing when its lease runs out, making the unit one of the only spots available to lease at The Brewery Quarter.

The Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham has announced that a unit is becoming available to lease this September 2023. 

It has confirmed that retailer Luke is closing, making the unit one of the only available spaces in the popular town centre destination, which has been at 99 per cent capacity since the opening of Søstrene Grene in April 2023.  

Nikki Kontarines, director of Martin Commercial Properties, which is the asset manager for The Brewery Quarter, said: 'We can confirm that fashion retailer Luke’s lease has come to an end at The Brewery Quarter. We’ve enjoyed having Luke as a tenant with us for the last five years.

'However, we feel this change presents an opportunity for fresh and exciting developments within our vibrant shopping and leisure destination. Change is an essential part of any dynamic retail environment, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

'At The Brewery Quarter, we are continually exploring opportunities to enhance our mix of brands, offering an even more diverse and engaging experience for all our customers. This presents an excellent chance for a new retailer to become a part of our thriving community and bring fresh energy to our retail landscape.

'We are actively working on identifying a replacement tenant that will sit well alongside Urban Outfitters and complement the eclectic blend of shops, restaurants and entertainment options that make The Brewery Quarter a must-visit destination in Cheltenham. We are confident that our future tenant will add to the vibrant atmosphere that our visitors have come to love.'

With visitor numbers up seven per cent compared with last year, taking the number up to 100,000 visits per week, it's sure to be a popular opportunity.

For more information, visit thebreweryquarter.com.

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