Businesses can get back to work with Covid-19 workplace testing from CHB Medical

Gloucestershire companies can get back to business safely with rapid workplace testing for Covid-19, arranged by Cheltenham-based CHB Medical.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
CHB Medical is providing businesses from Gloucestershire and beyond with Covid-19 workplace testing solutions.
CHB Medical is providing businesses from Gloucestershire and beyond with Covid-19 workplace testing solutions.

CHB Medical is helping businesses from Gloucestershire and beyond to get back to work safely after lockdown, with its rapid Covid-19 workplace testing solutions.

CHB Medical has existing workplace Covid-19 testing regimes in place to help companies return to work across manufacturing, engineering, retail, food processing, public, sporting and hospitality sectors.

Depending on the individual business’s needs, bespoke workplace testing solutions include providing rapid Covid-19 tests; UKAS accredited healthcare professionals; required PPE and reporting to Public Health England.

What’s more, its Antigen test kits work by rapidly detecting Coronavirus DNA – and can potentially show results from the first day of infection.

The test kits are able to yield accurate results quickly within 15 minutes, meaning companies can save time and make decisions more efficiently. The 15 Minute Antigen Test Kit has been assessed and passed by Public Heath England, as well as CE marked and manufactured in a US FDA approved facility.

CHB Medical also offers 10 Minute Antibody Test Kits, which can be used to identify if a member of the team has current Covid-19 antibodies, and can provide nursing and PPE only to support the free government tests scheme.

Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, CHB Medical has supported the PPE needs of businesses across all sectors – as well as working with the British Horse Racing Association and various racecourses around the UK to help racing become the first sport to restart after the pandemic.

CHB Medical now tests thousands of people across Gloucestershire and the rest of the country on a weekly basis.

Most recently, CHB Medical has expanded its offering to include ‘Fit to Fly PCR’ and ‘Test to Release PCR’ home test kits – giving people the chance to test themselves for Covid-19 before and after travelling, with certificates issued by its UKAS accredited laboratory partner to allow both travel abroad and early release from post-travel quarantine.

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