Global Google head features on Gloucestershire podcast

Google's head of creativity capability development chats to the managing director of Cirencester-based environmental consultancy Tyler Grange in the latest episode of The Bouncebackability Podcast.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
Simon Ursell of Gloucestershire-based environmental agency, Tyler Grange, interviews the global head of creative capability development at Google in his latest podcast episode.

Google's global head of creativity capability development, Kirk Vallis, has been chatting to podcast host and managing director of Tyler Grange, Simon Ursell, on The Bouncebackability Podcast. 

As well as leading the Cirencester-based B Corp which provides environmental solutions to businesses across the UK, Ursell also co-hosts the podcast with Rusty Earnshaw, who has worked with the English Football Association and the Rugby Football League to coach athletes and teams to enhance their performance and capabilities.

In the latest episode, the pair chat with Vallis — who has worked as Google's global head of creative capability development for 11 years — about the techniques he's used to develop innovation frameworks and how he's helped colleagues cultivate the correct behaviours and mindset to unlock optimum creativity at the global tech giant.

Throughout the 50-minute episode, Vallis describes methods to become a creative leader and lists the steps that all leaders should be taking to create the right mental, physical and psychological conditions for their employees to do their best thinking.

Vallis is also questioned on his approach to the ongoing development of AI and whether he believes it will surpass humans in its ability to be creative and think outside of the box — and how it could fundamentally change the way we live and work.

Ursall said: 'We can all learn a great deal from Kirk's approach to innovation, creativity and problem solving and, importantly, how we should all reframe failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.

'All employers and leaders stand to gain by promoting creativity at work. The most successful businesses are those that engender creative thinking and develop environments where everyone shares ideas, has a voice, asks questions and challenges the norm. Some ideas will stick, others won’t, but you’ll definitely learn a lot along the way.'

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