Gloucestershire agricultural law firm partners with Adam Henson on farmer wellbeing podcast

Adam Henson's wellbeing podcast, 'Keeping On Track', is being backed by Gloucestershire agricultural law firm, Thrings, in a new partnership — an ideal match for the company, which has been serving the farming community for more than a century.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
Agricultural law firm, Thrings, is backing Adam Henson's podcast 'Keeping on Track', which aims to raise awareness of and encourage conversation about mental health in farming.

Gloucestershire law firm, Thrings, has been announced as the new partner for Adam Henson's 'Keeping on Track' podcast.

Created by Henson and Team Doctor, the podcast — which launched in October 2023 — is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of farmers across the UK, encouraging more communication about mental health within the sector and preventing farmers who are struggling from suffering in silence.

Across the UK, as many as 92 per cent of farmers under the age of 40 consider poor mental health to be the biggest problem facing farmers today, according to surveys by the Farm Safety Foundation.

Adam said: 'We are delighted to be working with Thrings and welcome their genuine commitment to support the 'Keeping on Track' podcast and wellbeing in the farming sector.

'The drive to create a resource that can alleviate some of the problems farmers face with mental illness across the country came after I lost a close friend to suicide. If this podcast can help even just a single person not to suffer in silence and get the support they need before it is too late, it will be a complete success.'

As one of the most prominent agricultural law firms in the UK, Thrings has been serving the farming community for more than a century, assisting clients in all areas from land, property and diversification projects, to succession planning and estate management.

Thrings' head of agriculture, Duncan Sigournay, added: 'Mental health in the farming community is an issue that has, for too long, flown under the radar, with farmers and working professionals failing to get the support they need, sometimes with tragic consequences. Through initiatives like 'Keeping on Track', we hope to start to see the tide turn.

'As both a talented broadcaster and experienced farmer, Adam has developed a widely-respected reputation within the rural community and we are proud to support him in making a difference in such a way that has the potential to help so many people.'

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